A Few Pictures from Memorial Day a lot of days late...

(sorry about the title.  I am reading the book Room and its written like its being told by the five year old and so I have noticed I keep talking like a five year old...which I think my five year old probably likes.  And are we supposed to underline book titles still??? I feel like I havent done that in years.  Anyway, I digress-here's the weekend)
Pretty great weekend.
You can only imagine the excitement when every fish was caught- it was hilarious.  ben wanted to touch it/not touch it because he was scared and he squealed the whole time.  aves was cool and calm the whole time, holding the fish and just being cool.  sass was mostly interested in stealing whatever everyone else was loving doing so she could do it right then....we are slowly learning how to show her that the grass is not always greener...
Beware, there are wayyyy too many pictures of fish, reptiles and half naked children.
and they got to ride the kayaks and they loved that.  Bens dreams came true in every way as he caught a fish while kayaking.  heaven.
It was a fish filled weekend.
and then we found dale.
Dale Earnhart, the tortoise.
He was super fast, dale.  Jeff and I found him while running and brought him home to keep him, but I felt so bad for him that we had to let him go.  He kept trying to run away and it was so sad.
Bye Dale.  We will miss you forever; you were our first tortoise.


Camila said...

I think I laughed out loud 4 separate times at this post. I get flashes of my future reading about Ben. And little Sass is just how my parents described me as a kid...always up in everyone else's business wondering if they might possibly be having more fun than me/have cooler stuff than me, etc. So many fun memories you will have!

Lifethrualinds said...

three things: 1) Ben's face in those fish pictures in the kayak is priceless! 2) toothless Avery is just too cute and too big for that sweet baby! 3) Sassy and the turtle reminds me just of Kinley yesterday when we found a turtle in the park across the street. We so should have named ours Dale too...ours was Pokie....like slow-poke. Dale would have won in the race for sure. Love yall!

Hayley and Aaron said...

Such great pics of Jeff and the kids! Love the one where they are all 4 looking at the fish and the one of Jeff and Ben in the kayak together...adorable! What a great summer weekend!!

lins said...

Ben's obsession with fish is the greatest thing on earth. You crack me up! Miss you/love you!!

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