Parents night out

When you find the best pair of overalls ever you tell your bff's to run and go buy them too. duh.
We had a kid free night and it was just the best! We started the night by doing an escape room and we made it out with like 15 minutes to spare!  
After that we went to eat sushi and then played the most fun game ever. Codenames. You guys gotta get it! 
Best friends, matching overalls and games. Pretty much the best night ever.


Show Time!

It's show season guys and we forget just how much we love it till it's here! All the prep, dreaming of different backdrops, shirt designs, color schemes, late night printing, figuring out who is keeping our kids, how are we going to get it all there, who is going to be our booth neighbors and what shirts are we gonna wear each day. It's all just the best. 
And we would never be able to make it happen without our amazing husbands, family and friends. Seriously y'all. You don't even know how much fun you make it when you come see us at a show or even leave a comment on one of the million instagram pics that we over post during a show. We can never thank you enough! 
We only signed up for 3 shows this Fall. There were so many more that we wanted to do but it gets tricky with schedules and kids. Luckily our kids count down to show season too and love it as much as us! We even have dreams of getting a double booth at one of the shows next year and having them sell and make slime from the other side. Ahhhh!! How amazing would that be?! Ella even said to me on the way to school this morning, Mom we will probably get on Ellen for selling slime so we can take the moms with us. Going to the Ellen show is a life goal so I'm glad to see it's on the top of her list too.
Anyways, back to the shows that have actually happened. Our first show this season was Oktoberfest in McKinney and it was just the best! This was the very first show we ever did 2 years ago so we were so excited to be back. And this year the show fell on my actual birthday! Birthday Booth for the win!!!!
Kristen had peg board dreams for our backdrop last year and I just couldn't see the vision till I saw the giant sized ones. Then I too fell in love. Bob made our dreams come true and made them using this tutorial. 
We threw a birthday party in the booth and passed out cake and party favors!
Lindsay brought me birthday balloons and I had them in my hand for maybe 2 seconds before I accidentally let them go! Ugh. I'm so glad Jeff got a cool pic of them floating away!
Bob and Jeff really step up their dad game for this show. We make a weekend of it and stay in McKinney with Kristen and Jeff so they are in charge of all the kids. All weekend. The girls got glitter roots done at the show by the fabulous SkyLight Salon so the dads got to be the ones to get that prettiness washed out. Ha!
Having the moms there together is always a hoot! They crack us up and we even put them in charge for a bit so we can walk around. And when we have someone stop by and say that they have been following us since the lullaby lubbock blog days we flip out and made her take a pic with us!
The second show we did was Christmas in Cowtown here in Fort Worth. It is a totally different vibe and crowd compared to Oktoberfest but we love it just as much! It is 5 days straight so we have to pull out all the tricks when it comes to kiddos. 
Last year we got so close with some of the vendors so it was so much fun seeing them all again. It's so cool to meet people who all support each other in their businesses and genuinely care and are willing to help you in any way. It's not a cut throat competitive feel that some shows have. It's the nicest people and we leave this show each year on such a high.
We even became best friends with one of the cops and he was back again this year!
Jake and Craig were our first real show friends and we always love seeing them! And we love how small we feel when taking a pic with Jake.
This year we met Doris. She was our booth neighbor and by the last day we were crying with her as she was telling us stories of her late husband. Doris is 74 and has been doing shows since the 70's. She started by making dolls but now makes and sells dolls clothes. She is amazing and we hope to be like Doris when we grow up!
My girls had fall break from school so they hung out with us a lot.
 Someone wearing our shirt! Ahhhh!!!!
Our last show this season is coming up on November 11th and 12th. This will be the first time we have done this show so we are excited. It is with BoHo Market in Dallas so y'all come out and see us! 


Color Run

Rainbow dogs and rainbow parts.  What more could you ask for?


I painted my coffee table pink

 And Jan helped me move everything around.
And no one even cares.
Everything is too linear from this angle, so I need a round coffee table.   But I want the pink to have its day so I won't rush.  
Who I am kidding? I am never in a rush, until I'm late.

I knitted a sweater

 And it fits!!
I know.

I couldn't believe it either.  And I am clearly very excited about it.  
I restarted it like four times and just could not decide what I wanted it to look like.
But then I was like, to hell with over thinking this- I am just going to try.  And practice.  And if I hate it, I will take it out, but I cant learn if I dont practice.
And then I found this blog and i have been inhaling it.  I love what she says about everything- kids crafting, what we buy, why we make, practice and talent and breaking rules and all of that stuff.
SO anyway, I used this pattern, mostly.  I didnt do the pockets and my yarn is thinner so its light weight and easy to wear in texas.  And i just love it guys.  I love it.  I want to make so many more and I hope I do. 

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