Ben's and Sawyer's sweater


Ben's fits perfectly and he wore it every day that it was cold! Sass's is way too small.  Win some, lose some.
When Shea starts on sweaters I am going to have to teach us both how to make a swatch...


Easter 2018

Easter fell on April Fools this year and it was so fun. 
Easter fools is my new favorite holiday.

We made kool aid looking jello so they couldn't drink it 😂

We hid radishes in the tootsie roll pops and hid veggies in some of the eggs instead of candy.

Avery jumped right into it all and put her face in the toilet to scare whoever lifts the lid and put cups all down the stairs so we couldn't walk down 😂
It was awesome.
I cant wait for next year.
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