Play Day!

The babies hadn't been all together for a couple of weeks now because everyone took their turn of getting sick.  So when Ben and Sawyer came over to play today Ella was so very excited!  She loves getting to see her friends.  
Last week me and Ella turned a box into her play house and it has since then been her favorite thing these days.  Today was the first time she got to show her friends her new house.  Sawyer admired it from a distance and Ben did just the opposite!  It was hilarious!  He crawled in and showed Ella what being a boy was all about.  Instead of sitting in the house and eating goldfish and playing with baby dolls, Ben went full demolition on the house.  Within the first 5 seconds he had the house turned over, picture ripped off the wall and in mouth!  Ella loved the new game and I even caught her giving Ben some kisses in her new remodeled house!  The video below shows Ben and Ella.
Another thing on the video is all the kids first reaction to the new safety gates we added to our house.  We have two steps and some weird post things that have a drop off so since we have some fast crawlers we had to baby proof some things.  It might not be the best look for our house but safety first!


fenced in

cream cheese muffins

so aves and i had a laid back morning and decided to do a little baking...these were good.  a little bit rich.  i didnt have any vegetable oil so i started out trying canola oil but everything tasted so much like shortening that i had to start over.  so then i ended up just using melted butter (hence the richness...).  so without the oil they were a little  bit dry but overall good.  you can find the recipe on in the mood for food.


bread and pudding

i also did a little baking and a lot of eating.  recently, my sister in law, who i just love, made this fantastic banana pudding that i could not get enough of (and i do not even like banana pudding or bananas for that matter).  i completely forgot about it until, like most nights, i stayed up stalking baking blogs (bakeorbreak.com was this particular night) and i saw the banana pudding and saw that it was paula deen's recipe.  my love for it came back in full force and i had to make it asap, even though there is really no one to share it with (jeff is pretty healthy these days). 
also, jeff and i have become very obsessed with our breadmaker that my bfs (al and linds) gave me for my fav day of the year (my bday) and we make bread all the time.  the pesto bread is jeff's fav so we made it also this weekend too.  

mirror, mirror on the wall

we played a little in our bedroom with the cam while the kids were checkin' themselves out...they seemed pretty impressed with their reflection...


Ella's new playhouse!

Our dishwasher broke a few weeks ago and it has taken "I hate doing the dishes" to a whole new level for me!  We have eaten a lot of meals on paper plates.  One good thing or I might even say great thing I have learned from this is fixing eggs in a paper bowl.  I love eggs but hate having to clean the bowl after mircowaving them.  Fixing them in a paper bowl has changed my life when it comes to a fast, healthy and mess free breakfast!  Anyways, back to the dishwasher.  My wonderful dad, (aka Ella's B-Paw) saved the day and sent us a brand new dishwasher he got at discount through his company.  I was so thrilled to get the dishwasher but Ella was beyond thrilled about what it came with.....the box!  When I saw how excited Ella was about the dishwasher box I helped her turn it into a little playhouse.  We have had so much fun playing in it!  Ben and Aves have been under the weather with ear infections the last couple of days so we have missed playing with them.  Ella can't wait to invite them over to her new house!

Ella gets a haircut!

So Ella has had a little mullet/rat tail thing going on lately.  I have noticed it for some time now and everybody thought I was crazy to even think about cutting it off.  Well the other day one of our dear friends commented on Ella's rat tail and that was all it took for me!  It confirmed that I wasn't the only one thinking business on top party in the back so Ella got a haircut last night!!! She loves her fresh new look!


dinner and dessert

jeff and i made a stir fry tonight that was pretty good...not amazing but we happened to remember to take a pic of it (which we never do).  it had basic veggies, seared tuna and brown rice.  afterwards aves and i decided we had to follow it with something sweet so we made some short bread cookies that she beautified...they were muy delicioso (as dora would say).  the other crazies just hung out while we worked.


the big egg drop

on saturday, we all went to a big football field where a helicopter dropped 10,000 eggs for kids of all ages to hunt.  it was so much fun!! we brought confetti eggs and cracked them all over each other's heads and ate hot dogs and chips afterwards.  it was fantastic...ella and ben were a little stressed out about it, but avery loved it!!  jeff cut celeste's head off in one pic but you get a great shot of ella's face the whole time...hilarious!  and here is a little video of our fun day.


hoppy easter!

just a few pics from easter weekend...ok, so more than a few! i just got a little excited.  allison and i's families came in for easter this weekend and it was fantastic!  we hunted eggs with all the kids and they loved it.  ben made some mad dives for eggs, aves got most of the eggs, sawyer ate the fake grass out of the baskets and ella did not love the grass on her legs!! it was hilarious.  cant wait for next year!! hope everyone had a great weekend!

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