Summer Check List!

For Bob's June envelope, I made him a summer to do list. It had of course 37 things to do. It hung on our fridge all summer and we had so much fun checking them off. Well almost all of them.
ü Go on a hike.
This was hands down one of my favorite summer days. Such a fun adventure with the girls.
I bought a fake snake and lizard for the girls to throw at Bob during our hike. Of course he didn't skip a beat but the girls loved it! I love that I caught this pic of Ella throwing her snake and McKenna making her approach with the lizard hiding behind her back.
ü Treasure hunt.
To turn the hike into a treasure hunt I made the girls these boxes to carry in their backpacks. They had so much fun with it! Throughout the day they would find stuff that matched up with the description. At the end of the day, they each received a little goodie bag (aka treasure) for filling their box.
ü Sell lemonade.
IMG_7782 - Version 2
ü Breakfast for dinner.
One of our all time faves and it happened more than once. Just turns out I never got a picture of it.
ü Game night.
McKenna for the win in Princess dominos.
ü Tie Dye.
This was so fun (and messy)! We did this when Ella's friend Maggie spent the night. I bought a tie dye kit from walmart and the girls had so much fun doing it. I watched a youtube video on how to make a heart in the middle and it was actually pretty simple and turned out so cool!
The girls wanted to add BFF in their hearts.
ü Build a fort.
This happened with the best of friends in Midland.
ü Picnic.
I love picnics with my girls. This one was especially fun because I taught them how to play fortune teller and it was hilarious. I think McKenna is going to be a bus driver with a pet elephant when she grows up.
ü Fireworks.
We not only saw fireworks on the 4th but Ella even got to help Jake shoot some off.
ü Golf.
Played with the uncles and cousins.
ü Water park.
We went to the water park but never got a picture. This one will have to do. I love the action shoot of Bob at the twins party.
ü Library.
We love a good trip to the library. McKenna loves reading her books to her baby dolls.
ü Eat at food truck.
ü Thinkery.
Food truck meal and Thinkery was a double check off day. We had a blast at the Thinkery children's museum in Austin and then enjoyed some yummy food.
ü Frosti Cones.
ü Movie night.
This was one of my favorite nights. I'm pretty sure it will be one of those memories that Ella will always remember too. After Bob and I put the girls to bed one night, I snuck in after they fell asleep and got Ella up. I told her we were going to a late night movie while Dad and McKenna stayed home sleeping. That kid was in heaven. McKenna is not really a movie watcher and Maleficent would have been too intense for her. Ella and I loved it! It was such a fun and special time for us.
ü Kids plan dinner.
ü Date night with mom.
ü Farmers market.
ü Cookout.
ü Obstacle course.
We checked these two off at Dignan's birthday party. Grilled some hot dogs and set up a dog obstacle course.
ü Cookies for friends.
ü Go to mall.
ü Slip n slide.
ü Make firefly jars.
ü Play in sprinklers.
ü Feed the ducks.
ü Wash the car.
ü Go fishing.
ü Craft night.
Day or night, we are most likely crafting in this house.
ü Sleep in a tent.
ü Plant flowers.

We have a short list of the ones we never got to but will someday soon! Drive-in movie, zoo, bowling, make ice cream and water ballon fight. We will defiantly be doing this again next summer, it was so much fun. Maybe even a winter break check list...


First Day of School

I should start this post off by bragging on my parenting skills.
The night before school, (or the last day of summer as I like to call it) we had One Direction tickets. Like any good parent would do, we stayed up late partying the night away and put our kids to bed tired and without a bath.
We are lucky we all made it out the door at all.
But thankfully, everything is just so much easier the second time around.
We are so so excited to be going back to the same school for the first time.  We loved it last year and the kids already feel at home and excited for this year (and obviously more prepared because sass has her glasses on.  Everything is just more clear this year all around).
They do this fantastic thing on the first day when the kids arrive where they have a blue and red carpet that the kids walk down to go inside.  While they are walking into the building, the principal says their name into a microphone as a few other teachers stand along the carpet and cheer.  For every single kid in the whole school. It seems like a small thing, but every time it just makes me cry.
Ben and Sass are in the same class again (Yea!) and they have lockers this year.  We saw them the at meet the teacher and then Ben possibly wore that shirt again under his first day of school shirt.  Maybe never took it off...
My mom gave the kids some money for back to school and instead of spending it on clothes (like we should have), the kids got build a bears and legos. We got Shea a build a bear with a recording of the kids saying that they love her inside of it.  I know she loves hearing their voices and misses them when they are gone.
I am praying so much for this year.  For all their teachers and for the school.  I am just so thankful that God has led us to this place with these amazing families and kids.  I am so thankful for the effort that all the teachers and principals put into their learning and just their overall school experience.  They push the kids to do their best, but they also love them and encourage them and listen to them.  I cant wait to see what this year holds!
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