Balloon happy

I got a little balloon happy last night around midnight and made a little balloon banner that I strung throughout the house for when the twins woke up because today is their third birthday!
Then I got them scooters at wal mart for them to have when they woke up and sassy loves hers!!
Please excuse the powdered sugar caked on their mouths.  They were sucked in by the donuts and I could barely get them up for air.
and ben likes his.  and bugs.
Happy birthday to my favorite twins.  Love you guys so much and am so thankful for you both in my life.  I feel like three is your year! Who knows whats in store...
(hopefully a party.  but I am so lazy that hopefully something will happen with more than just us standing around...I will let yall know about that...)
And a thank you to our men and women who serve our country and who often have to miss their kids birthdays because they are fighting for us to have the freedoms that we so often take for granted.
Happy Memorial Day!


still unpacking...

We have been in the house for about 5 days now and I am still stepping over boxes. It feels like we are never going to get moved in! Our goal is to be done unpacking boxes by Monday. We'll see...
Ella has been so great with being stuck in the house day after day. She loves opening a box and pulling out everything in it. I can't decide if she is making things easier or harder for me. 
Picnik collage
We enjoyed a very nice and much needed play date yesterday. Kristen and the kids made a day trip and came over to see the new house! It was so fun and the kids had so much fun playing together.
Picnik collage
Tonight I made my first meal in the house and it was delicious. It was called Bow Tie Fiesta. I saw the recipe on a twitter convo between Meredith and Jessica and anything with a pasta always gets me. 
Well I guess I should go unpack a box and then go to bed. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

On Friday, May 27,

 (I know you guys have been on the edge of your seat about this)
Aves LOST her first tooth!!
(Clearly this is a little bit fresh with the red still bright!! hahahah!)
YEAAA Aves!!!

Week in Review

We had a crazy fun week.
We have been back and forth from every city in Texas and it has been so much fun.  On Wednesday night, my parents got tickets from a friend to go to the Mavs game and it was amazing!! Uhmazing.  We got to bring friends and they did too and so did my brothers.  It was really so much fun.  Aaaannnddd my cousins were there (except lins and we missed you like crazy).  Party wednesday, I like to call it.
And we WON!!! It really was out of body fun experience! GOOO MAVS!! MFFL!!!
Lucky for me, my out of town friend just recently (like yesterday) moved a lot closer and we got to have them come with us...
woohoo!!!  And my parents brought Al's parents and it was a family affair!
Then, yesterday night munch showed us her first loose tooth
I couldnt believe it!! What is the exchange rate from tooth fairy to tooth, these days?
Jennifer said I should make a pouch or something for her to put her tooth in.  I dont know what I am going to do but I am def excited about that.
In between these fun times we jumped in our car and went to temple last minute to see their new house and it was so fun! The kids played so well together and it was a fun, fast day.  Their house is so so cute and I know Allison has fantastic plans that are gonna look so cute!  We also got to see ashley and mason and it just turned out to be such a fun day.
Before we left (do yall love how in chronological order this post is??? I know, youre welcome), I sewed together my granny blanket.
I am excited about how it turned out but it is pretty small.  Have yall ever made one?? What did you do if you were short a few squares?  The thought of making 50 more squares makes me tired and my friend Julie has been telling me different ways I can do it with bigger squares.  I dont know what I want to do.  I had kind of a vision of it with all the same size squares but I dont know.
And I kind of highlighted my hair before all of this.  So, there you have it, our week backward.



man oh man. What a whirlwind.
 We moved into our new house on Sunday and we finally got internet set up today! Is it sad that I felt a little lost without it for a few days?! 
Picnik collage
We have been living out of suitcases and pack n plays for weeks now so we are so excited to be in the new house! But before I get started on the move let me skip back to last Friday when Bob became a doctor!!! 
Picnik collage
Bob graduated from Medical School on Friday! He has worked so hard and studied more than you can imagine in the last 4 years. I am SO proud of him! During graduation all the graduates walked in to take their seats. As soon as Ella saw her dad she ran up to him and gave him a big hug. It was so sweet. 
Picnik collage
Bob had his grandfather hood him during graduation and I know it meant so much to Bob to have him there for that.
Picnik collage
Lots of family came in for the graduation and it was so fun being with everyone. There was a dinner and dance party on Friday night and of course the kids took over the dance floor:)
As soon as Bob was done walking the stage on Saturday it was moving time. He went straight from cap and grown to behind the big wheel of a moving truck! 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
We couldn't have done it without help from friends and family. We filled up a huge penske truck, a uhaul trailer and the backseats of everyones car. It was insane and it makes me never want to move again.
Picnik collage
We have been in the new house for a couple days now and we are still surrounded by boxes. We are unpacking all day but it just seems to not look different yet. Things tend to take a little bit longer with kiddos. We have to take many breaks to play on the floor or change polly pockets outfit a million times. 
Picnik collage
We found out tonight that Ella might have a little organization in her. (which would most definitely come from Bob) As we were unpacking boxes tonight Ella was placing one of her toys in the middle of each square tile in the house. It was such a fun and unexpected surprise when I turned the corner. She was so proud of her work and I must say I was pretty impressed. Maybe I should have her help me with my closet...
I will have some fun before and after pics soon!


Mini Grad and a little fishing trip

I am such a sap.  Bob graduate for real from medical school and is officially Dr. Booth this weekend (yea!!!!) and we are so sad we couldnt be there and so so excited for him! (more on that later, I am sure).  Well, Avery also graduated.  From Preschool.  You would have thought it was high school graduation and she was about to get in her car to move to boston (or wherever she wants to go to school :)) the way I was crying. 
She was so cute, though and so proud of her diploma.
Super excited for kindergarten but I just cant believe it has come so soon.
After school and soccer practice we found a park, a pond and a fishing pole with a worm on it.  I think Ben thought the rapture had come and he was in heaven.
But he was so scared to actually hold the fish! He wanted to and was so in love with the fish, but he would freak out at the last second.
But when it was time to leave Ben FREAKED out.  He kept crying because he just wanted to be with the fish. It was hilarious.
On friday we had a laid back day and Saturday we got to go to Jan and Bob's and I got to go to Jimmy Buffet with my brothers and their friends for shannon's birthday party.  It was amazing. I love a concert and love me some jimmy buffet.  We got our fins up and danced the whole time.
On sunday I drug everyone to Ikea (loved it.) and got the duvets that I have been thinking about.  Avery picked one out, too that is so u-g-l-y but, she was so excited about it.  I  will show yall when their beds are made...
Hope you guys have a great monday! I am working on my blanket so hopefully there will be a finished product soon for me to show yall.
and we have a little summer sesh that we are excited about coming soon...


Sweet Dreams

Got to lay down with sassy yesterday and it was pretty great.


fun in the sun

Going through all the vacation pictures really makes me wish we were back on the beach right now. We have a busy busy weekend ahead with lots of work and little play. We  Bob will be loading up the moving van all day today. He is a master when it comes to packing. It's like a tetris game for him and he always wins. It's pretty impressive. Then after everything is loaded up family comes in town for Bob's graduation. There is a convocation and dinner on Friday night then the actual graduation on Saturday.  After lunch on Saturday the whole family is forming a very long caravan of moving trucks and making the drive to our new house! We will spend all day Sunday unloading. It's gonna be a crazy weekend but very exciting too! 
Anyways, here are some relaxing pics from our fabulous family vaca last week.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
It was SO much fun getting to spend a week together with family and seeing all the kids play together is priceless. 6 girls under the age of 5 makes for a pretty fun time! 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Who is that lady with the hot beach bod?! It's my mother in law of course! My sister in law Allison (other sister in law is named Allison too) gave that cover up to Dawn for mother's day. It had a belly ring and all. She rocked it.
Can't wait for next year!


I should not be allowed in the kitchen again

for a long loooonnnnggg time.  
This week I made oatmeal snickers choc peanut butter chip cookies,
and its only wednesday morning.
And did you guys know that H&M had a home part?? I love it.  Does it ship everywhere?? Do yall know?
My brother sent me a few pics of this weekend from the fab wedding and a pic of the cute cake that he got for my sister in law.
My kids played by the lake while everyone else sat quietly at the wedding :)
 Shannon loves princesses and everything disney and Patty made her this cake (because Belle is her fave, duh).  And he surprised her! Isnt that so sweet!
While I was up late watching weird movies I found some fun stuff on the web...
I love this whole botanical thing going on over here
How awesome was that mav's win last night??? woo hoo!! MFFL!
These little girl shoes are so cute!!
I love this blanket.  And these bibs.
Ok, we are off to the playdate that we are taking the cookies and the cheesecake bars to be, hopefully, completely devoured by everyone.
We will let you know how it goes.


Weekend recap and some ramblings

You guys have a good weekend?? We had one of those weekends where you feel like you dont have time to blink in between everything but its just so much fun.  And, of course, we have no pictures to prove it.  Now we are watching the mermaid commercial for team umizumi and eating bagels, granola and pepperonis.  I know.  Breakfast of champions.
Avery got a burn last week on her foot and she is finally well enough to not have to wear a bandage and a sock and a shoe.  That was a good look last week.  When it was so so hot.  And this week it is so nice! I mean, I just cant believe it. 
I have a fun mood board that I am making for my friend that I will share with yall in a little bit.  Maybe after I take the kids to school and work out.
AND, I have a confession.  I was not really fallen hard for the pioneer woman until recently.  My friend Carrie really started me thinking in her direction and since then I have slowly moved to reading a little bit of her and last  night I made this and it really sealed the deal for me.
And today I am making this.  Hello.  
How can I not get behind someone who has something like this that is perfect for me to take with me to the playdate tomorrow???  I am in.  Even if it is just a guest post.  So what?  Who cares?? (Said when in a Fred Armisen does Joy Behar voice) Esp if its one of my fave foodies as the guest.  We  may be close best friends. Maybe I will even get her whole cookbook...
ok.  That was really no fun to read about the craziness that goes on in my head before school.  I will be back with more fun in a little bit.



Tonight we are going to a wedding for my cousin and we are super excited!  We love a little goin-to-the-chapel around here, and we love my cousins and getting to see everyone.  Hope you guys have fun plans this weekend or just laying around and eating bon bons.  I really would be excited either way...
Here is some fun stuff that has been parading around my head (ok, or the web) this week..

Love this dress.  LOVE it.

How cute is kojodesigns Color My Summer?!

Clearly, the most exciting thing since disposable cupcake liners.
Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 5.09.40 PM
I think her 30 mix is so cute.
yeri 30 for 30 remix 1 through 15
I have never even had a tim tam and I want to make this right now.
Love this writing with yarn.  Maybe because I am constantly surrounded by yarn...
Obviously love this.
How cool is it that we get to look at things all over the world that other people are making, drawing, painting, cooking?!  I just love this little blog world.  That said, thanks again for following us.  We don't always know why you guys keep coming back and looking at our blog and encouraging us, but we really appreciate y'all, and all the people out there that inspire us.
Anyway, sorry.  Random Tangent.  Thanks again guys.  Have a great weekend.
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