Weekend recap and some ramblings

You guys have a good weekend?? We had one of those weekends where you feel like you dont have time to blink in between everything but its just so much fun.  And, of course, we have no pictures to prove it.  Now we are watching the mermaid commercial for team umizumi and eating bagels, granola and pepperonis.  I know.  Breakfast of champions.
Avery got a burn last week on her foot and she is finally well enough to not have to wear a bandage and a sock and a shoe.  That was a good look last week.  When it was so so hot.  And this week it is so nice! I mean, I just cant believe it. 
I have a fun mood board that I am making for my friend that I will share with yall in a little bit.  Maybe after I take the kids to school and work out.
AND, I have a confession.  I was not really fallen hard for the pioneer woman until recently.  My friend Carrie really started me thinking in her direction and since then I have slowly moved to reading a little bit of her and last  night I made this and it really sealed the deal for me.
And today I am making this.  Hello.  
How can I not get behind someone who has something like this that is perfect for me to take with me to the playdate tomorrow???  I am in.  Even if it is just a guest post.  So what?  Who cares?? (Said when in a Fred Armisen does Joy Behar voice) Esp if its one of my fave foodies as the guest.  We  may be close best friends. Maybe I will even get her whole cookbook...
ok.  That was really no fun to read about the craziness that goes on in my head before school.  I will be back with more fun in a little bit.

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Hayley and Aaron said...

You are a baking machine! Everything sounds yummy. Random Question: How do you get your photos to have that white border/polaroid look to them? Is that part of your blog design or would I be able to make mine that way? Thanks! So great to see you guys for the wedding/graduation time! The Barstad/Halbert families are so much fun be with! Love you guys!

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