advent calendars!

Just in the nick of time we finished our advent calendars! A couple years ago Kristen made this super cute advent calendar by sewing bags together on fabric. We wanted a sew free one this year (out of pure laziness) so hot glue was our go to.
 We are so excited to open box number 1 tomorrow but then it gets even better after that, cause do you guys know what happens on December 2nd?! Kristen turns 30!!! AHHHH!
I bought a big piece of cork board and lots of cardboard boxes from Michaels. I covered the cork board with burlap using spray adhesive to glue down the front main part and then hot glue and thumb tacks for the back edges.
I used my silhouette to cut out the numbers and letters then I mod podged them to the box lids. I hot glued the boxes to the board and then filled them with goodies. 
Going with my brown boxed theme I wrapped some presents in brown craft paper I found at walmart. When Ella saw me draw Kenna's initial on her present Ella insisted on doing her own E on hers. She gets a little EEExcited (haha) when she writes her initial. Who said an E only had to have 3 lines…
Here is Kristen's advent calendar too! She glued envelopes to her cork board and also used her silhouette to cut out the numbers. 
SO fun!!!

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

I am pretty sure that is probably the exact same post title I used last year.  Sigh.  Im so creative.  Out of the box, really.
(Actually I just looked and it wasn't the same! Yea! I am such an out of the box thinker!)
SO, anyway, we got our tree!! We cut it down just like last year, so, really this is just like reading last years post exactly.
You're welcome.
We went to the same tree farm and picked out one that we could agree on the most with the least amount of crying.
blue steel.
ben was super excited.
and then he got to hold the saw!  life can not get better.
but, wait for it-
there were animals.  best. day. ever.
He loved mr. flops.
He did not love the cat, though.  It kept wanting to come up and be petted and loved on and ben was so scared! hahahh!
back to the tree,
We cut it down, drug it inside and scrounged around for the christmas stuff that we seem to have hidden from ourselves and decorated it.
While listening to amy grant christmas.
Best start to the holidays.
and I finished Jennfer's stockings!
I know y'all have been on the edge of your seat for these.
She wanted pink and red and cream for sweet Isla Grace and gray, pink and red for her.  Joe got dark gray and light gray, green and then I added a small stripe of cream in everyone's just to tie it all together.
And then we made one for her dog, abby and I used all the colors for hers.
They turned out kind of huge and luckily Jennifer has been a great sport about that! I don't know why I make everything so BIG?
oh well, they can hold a lot of stuff.  At the very least they are efficient.
Thanks Jennifer for letting me do the stockings.  I loved being apart of your christmas and I hope they are just what you wanted! (Even though abby's looks a little like an upside down you-know-what...)
And my sweet resident friends just opened a little etsy shop with some of their cute knitted and crocheted goodies.  It is called Knot on a Whim- how cute is that??? Go check them out and grab a cute elf hat while you are there.


and the winner is...

Through a random number generator comment number 28 was chosen for our Thanksgiving giveaway. Thank you all that participated, we loved reading all the wonderful things you are thankful for.
Congratulations to the Brown Family! You should have received an email from us to discuss which item you would like mailed to you. 


belated thanksgiving post

 Bob had to work on Thanksgiving day, so family came to us this year. We had a house full and it was so wonderful! My mom pulled out cooking skills I didn't even know she had and everything turned out perfect.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
The Jalapeno Popper Dip was a huge hit, I keep trying to think of a reason to make it again. 
I screen printed shirts for everyone and after the 10th time of asking the men to put their shirts on, we got a family picture. 
Here was the front of everyone's shirt. I don't have a picture of the back, but it said "a thankful heart is a happy heart."
Here is the kid's table with their shirts.
and here is the kid's table at the end of the night. 
The wooden sign hanging above the table was my Granny's. It has been in my garage since we moved here because it was painted with flowers and didn't really go in my house. I thought it would be neat to have it hanging for Thanksgiving so I busted out my sander and cleaned it up a bit.
Once I got everything sanded off I mixed half water and half white paint to white wash it.
I had already made these shirts for Ella and McKenna before I decided to make some for the whole fam so they had two this year. Ella wore this one to her school Thanksgiving party.
Here is the back of McKenna's.
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful too! We will announce the Thanksgiving giveaway winner first thing Monday. 
Now I'm off to decorate the tree and finish making the advent calendar! I just love this time of year!


Snow Globes

Happy thanksgiving!! Hope everyone had a great day yesterday and is stuffed to the brim!!
We loved the snow globes on pinterest and I could not wait to make them over here.
We followed Martha Stewarts instructions but the snow globe gift card's instructions are much easier and worked for me with the gift card so I think you can use either instructions.
The kids loved it too and went glitter crazy!!
(and maybe added every color glitter and every toy they own)
guess which one is ben's...
Then we wrapped them and labeled them and decided to give them to our family over thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for every single one of you. For real guys. I don't know how we can thank yall enough. You are so encouraging, inspiring, motivating, and supportive through all your comments and emails. We really can't express how much we love that you take time out of your day to read our crazy and sometimes boring blog. It truly means so much to us and we are so so thankful for it.
So in honor of Thanksgiving, lets do a giveaway!
The winner will receive a custom made circular scarf OR a set of custom made good girl (or boy) jars! You get to pick which one you want.
All you have to do is leave us a comment with your email and something you are thankful for. We will announce the winner Monday morning.
We hope everyone is having a fabulous Thanksgiving today!


Aquarium Gift Card

I had a shower to go to for a friend who is having a boy and I was trying to think of a cute thing to give her. and I had seen the snow globe gift card from pinterest  and I thought I could try and make it into something cute for the baby shower.
I decided to make it into a little aquarium with a little glitter to add some fun.
Next time I think I would use a bigger jar or smaller fish (and I just loved the globe so I added it for fun).
I put a starbucks gift card for her to use when sweet Noble Parson makes his debut.
I think for a girl you could do the same thing and just add some pink fish.  I need to perfect this but just thought it was a fun idea.  You could do so much more with it but I just love that you can do it all year long.
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