advent calendars!

Just in the nick of time we finished our advent calendars! A couple years ago Kristen made this super cute advent calendar by sewing bags together on fabric. We wanted a sew free one this year (out of pure laziness) so hot glue was our go to.
 We are so excited to open box number 1 tomorrow but then it gets even better after that, cause do you guys know what happens on December 2nd?! Kristen turns 30!!! AHHHH!
I bought a big piece of cork board and lots of cardboard boxes from Michaels. I covered the cork board with burlap using spray adhesive to glue down the front main part and then hot glue and thumb tacks for the back edges.
I used my silhouette to cut out the numbers and letters then I mod podged them to the box lids. I hot glued the boxes to the board and then filled them with goodies. 
Going with my brown boxed theme I wrapped some presents in brown craft paper I found at walmart. When Ella saw me draw Kenna's initial on her present Ella insisted on doing her own E on hers. She gets a little EEExcited (haha) when she writes her initial. Who said an E only had to have 3 lines…
Here is Kristen's advent calendar too! She glued envelopes to her cork board and also used her silhouette to cut out the numbers. 
SO fun!!!


Lifethrualinds said...

These are both amazing! I wish I had one! Love them. I bet they are so excited to open one every day!

Misty said...

love those! and Ella is just precious! Masyn likes to say, "read this to me." When I do, she will say, "no, that says Masyn" or something like "it says you're going to take me for cupcakes!"

The Savage's said...

We made our first advent calendar this year! I'm so excited to get it started!

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