Happy Halloween (a little late)

My mom was so sweet and sat with my kids over a catalogue and let them tell her what they wanted to be for halloween.  I am sure they picked like 10 things.  She and I narrowed it down and we ended up with the most amazing costumes.  When I say amazing, I mean, like heavy, with zippers and stuffing-hilarious!  
We were not really expecting anything that great but we were thoroughly impressed!  She related it to the Sue Wong we got for Jeff's birthday party.  We didn't know anything about Sue Wong and it turned out to be like a prom dress with like three layers of lining!  Haahah.  Needless to say, my mom always proves even better than we thought possible!
Ben was a  triceratops.  He loved his life.
Avery was a princess with this heavy and lined and fancy cape.  So elegant.
And Sassy was a fairy/princess/cinderella.  She had some costume changes.
We went trick or treating with our neighbors and went to a fantastic neighborhood party down the street for some crafts, fun, food and lots more candy.
We were nothing compared to Pippi and Minnie Mouse- Al and Linds were incredible! I just love both of their homemade costumes.  Isn't it so fun that Ella watches Pippi Longstocking at 3??  I try to put on for my kids what ella watches and they always are so like "mom, this is wayyyy over my head...".  Ella you are so stinkin cute! and Minnie!  AHHH! linds just went to hobby lobby and made it all up!! Amazing.  I wish lindsay would make all my clothes too...
Now you guys have to go see Lindsey, Shannon and Patrick's halloween party- like RIGHT NOW.  it is incredible! It is like so professional it could win prizes on a party blog! It is amazing! Loved it guys!!
Then we were the crazy people that went to the dentist the day after halloween...more on that to come...

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Natalie said...

Love the pictures! your kids just get cuter and cuter and the costumes were amazing!!!

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