dignan's bday video

I made this video for Dignan's birthday, enjoy!

backpack! backpack!

I took Ella to Barns and Noble the other night and she found this hello kitty backpack. The second I put it on her she took off walking all over the store. She felt so cool in the backpack and looked so cute walking around with it on! I was cracking up!


happy braid wednesday!

we are so loving LA!! we have eaten so much good food and walked everywhere seeing all the fantastic shops and gorgeous trees and parks. we went to the fair at the beach today and walked all along the beach. it was so gorgeous. miss my babies ALOT but i know they are having so much fun with their grandparents!! (forgive all the pics. they were all emailed or taken with our phones) hope everyone is having a great wednesday with a more original braid than me...

late night painting

The last two nights I have gotten home at 3:30 am. I have been at Celeste new house painting and it has been so much fun! The first night we started at midnight and of course did a taco bell/pizza hut run before we got going. Yesterday I took Ella over for a bit to show her what we have been working on. She loved watching Carly and Celeste paint and do cool tricks with malted milk balls. Last night me and Celeste painted her bathroom and then attempted to do stripes. Keep in mind it is around 2 am at this point and we are trying to do our best math to make sure all stripes are even. We finally got it all figured out and did a chalk line to mark our first stripe. We taped, painted and then realized we started with the wrong freakin color! The bottom stripe was supposed to be green and we painted it kaki! Our lack of sleep might have been the reason for our mistake so we called it quits at 3 and decided to finish it the next day. Here are some pics of yesterday and last night.


Highway 20 ride

we were on our way to granbury and then to dallas this past weekend to drop the kids off at their grandparents while jeff and i jet setted off to LA for him to take a test for med school (and take a couple of days off before 4th year starts) and the babies were so great!! they slept some of the way and ate anything we passed back to them. hilarious!


Ella's Ponytail Party!

Ella's hair is finally long enough for a ponytail! I have always said I would throw her a ponytail party when this day came, so thats exactly what we did. The party was a hit and everyone came in their best ponytails. We rented out the pool for the party and had such a wonderful time celebrating Ella's 1st ponytail!
Even if you didn't come in a ponytail, you still got your picture in one! I made this out of foam board and some fake hair.
Picnik collage
Watching some intense pool baseball with my ponytail twin.
Picnik collage

Happy 1st Ponytail Ella!


happy birthday dignan!

My dog Dignan turns 2 today! If you are not a dog lover than you should probably stop reading now, this post is all about Dignan the dog.

About 2 years ago, me and Bob were going back and forth between what kind of dog we would get. Bob had always wanted a rhodesian ridgeback so thats what we finally decided we were going to get. Then one day on tv I saw an interview with Tiger Woods and his family. They showed his dog and I had never seen one like it before. I began some research and found out it was a labordoodle. That then lead me to goldendoodles and I was in love! Goldendoodles are a cross between golden retriever and poodle and they are just the cutest dogs I have ever seen. It took some major begging to make Bob change his mind from a short haired manly looking dog to a curly and fluffy stuffed animal looking one. Goldendoodles don't shed which was a big plus for Bob and his allergies. The thing that finally made Bob happy with us getting a goldendoodle was giving him full control of picking his name. This is why our dog has such a bizarre name! Bob's favorite movie is Bottle Rocket and Bob's fav actor Owen Wilson is in this movie. Owen's character plays a very goofy guy named "Dignan." Bob saw it as a perfect match. I now love the name and it fits him perfectly.
Dignan was born July 23, 2007. We got him from a fantastic breeder in Florida, mosscreekgoldendoodles. Dignan came on an airplane from Florida to DFW. My mom picked him up for me then her and my sister drove and met me half way in Abilene to deliver my new puppy. I was just a couple of months pregnant and Bob had just started his first year of med school. It all worked out so well because I loved having Dignan with me all day while Bob was gone and my motherly instincts got some good practice. I wouldn't go anywhere without Dignan, I even bought him a dog seat belt (so dorky!) Well over the months Dignan grew bigger and so did I. He grew out of his seat belt about as fast as I was growing out of my clothes.
Ella Reese soon joined our family and Dignan welcomed her so sweetly. He is the best dog with her and loves her so much. He has always been so gentle and she just adores him. Dignan and Ella are the best of friends and he has been such a huge part of her life. Dignan has been there as a supporting base for Ella as she learned to pull up on him, he is a cozy seat for her to sit on and watch tv, a great scrap cleaner for the food that she drops, a soft pillow for her to lay on, and just a fun buddy for her to always play with. Happy Birthday Digs, we love you so much!
Go here to see video of Dignan and Ella.

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