late night painting

The last two nights I have gotten home at 3:30 am. I have been at Celeste new house painting and it has been so much fun! The first night we started at midnight and of course did a taco bell/pizza hut run before we got going. Yesterday I took Ella over for a bit to show her what we have been working on. She loved watching Carly and Celeste paint and do cool tricks with malted milk balls. Last night me and Celeste painted her bathroom and then attempted to do stripes. Keep in mind it is around 2 am at this point and we are trying to do our best math to make sure all stripes are even. We finally got it all figured out and did a chalk line to mark our first stripe. We taped, painted and then realized we started with the wrong freakin color! The bottom stripe was supposed to be green and we painted it kaki! Our lack of sleep might have been the reason for our mistake so we called it quits at 3 and decided to finish it the next day. Here are some pics of yesterday and last night.

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