"The First Day of School at the Red House School for Girls" A Movie by Avery Barstad

For her birthday this year, Avery wrote a script and wanted to direct, film and produce it at our house.  She wanted to keep it small and just invited a few friends who she thought would enjoy filming a movie.
It really was amazing to watch.  She is very into details and wanted the set to be perfect.  We had a lot of the pieces that made up the "school room" but every little extra thing I added, she would get so excited about. 
I made pillow cases for everyone to sleep in and sign with the logo for the movie and Jeff got her a directors chair that we put her name on in gold ink to jazz it up a little. 
She had a very distinct vision and I think that it went pretty much just like she wanted it to.
The girls were SO SWEET and let Avery tell them what to do and they just wanted her birthday to be special and just what she wanted. 
The filming lasted until 10, but everyone was such a good sport.
But they did go to bed right after.  Acting, y'all.  Not for the faint of heart.

We put the pizza and birthday cake in the wrap room for the "Wrap Party".  
And everyone sang to her after it was over.
And Lindsay and Allison made the party and hung out for most of it for Lindsay and Allison spent the night. I couldn't have done it without them!
And there was a huge dance party after it was all over!
 She has the full movie so I need to get that out so she can look at it before her first oscar nomination for best director and reminisce on her first movie.  
On her actual birthday, it was the Super Bowl and she was so excited to share her birthday with such a huge sporting event.  She loves every kind of sport just like my grandmother Momma Jo and its so much fun to watch her enjoy it. (She was rooting for the Broncos but thought that the Panthers were going to pull it out.  She was ecstatic when the Broncos actually won.)
Avery you are such an incredible person.  I am so very thankful to know you.  I am so so thankful to get to be your mom and watch you and your creativity love and encourage everyone around you.  You are truly a light.  Your smile and your heart are so big and so kind.  Thank you for how you live your life and for letting me a part of it.  You are the best surprise I could have ever hoped for in that positive pregnancy test just over 10 years ago.
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