Ella's March Madness Party!

Ella is such a baller.
We rented out the gym at a YMCA for Ella's March Madness Party and it was so much fun!

We played all kinds of basketball games and had the jock jams playing. 

We ate pizza and basketball cake balls. Ella wanted the mascot to be the porcupines like from Liv and Maddie. I made the table covers look like a gym with the logo in the middle. 
I made the scoreboard using her birthday as the time. 3-14-08. 

Everyone went home a winner with a trophy and their very own basketball.

It was a slam-dunk party for sure! 


Happy Birthday Ella!

Today my baby Ella is 8 years old! 

I love a birthday morning donut cake!

She got some sweet Jordan hightops that she broke in immediately and we surprised her with a new big girl bike! 

She picked Dave and Busters to celebrate her real bday. (March Madness Party coming soon!)
Ella is always bummed that her actual bday falls on Spring Break so she is never at school. This year I surprised her with an early school bday treat and wrapped everything in her lunch like a present. She flipped out and loved it so much!

I can't believe Ella is 8 years old. Some days she still seems like my baby Ella. She is such a light and I am so amazed at the beautiful and brave girl she is growing into. She has a quiet spirit and I am starting to see the areas she really embraces and opens up in. She's shy. Not rude, just shy. Just like her mama was/is. I have learned to be patient and let her get comfortable and open up at her own pace. I have recently noticed that Ella is drawn to little kids and it makes my heart swell. She is my mini me. Still, I would pick sitting at the kids table over the adults table. Ella has the kindest heart and puts others before herself. She pours herself into whatever it is she is into. She gives it her all and tries her hardest. She is a fighter. She has had so many struggles in school with dsylexia and she has overcome so many challenges that her teacher is blown away. She has a love to grow closer to God and to serve him in how she treats people. She sees people hurting and wants to find a solution. She always talks about how there should be more free houses so no one would have to live on the streets. She always wants to help the homeless guy on the side of the road. She has a heart to serve and I pray God uses her to do big big things. You are the love of my life Ella Reese and I can't wait to see what this year holds for you! 
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