sunflower smiles

Brittany took some family pics for us on Friday in a sunflower field. OMG! They are so cute! To see some of them go to her blog here.

how to build a castle

What do you get when you put together a bed sheet, broom stick, 4 iron and a putter?
A snow white castle! (as Avery would say)


more matching monday

My friend Sofia came and stayed with us this last weekend and we had so much fun! Here are a few pics of us making cupcakes in our matching aprons.....happy matching monday!


matching monday

brycie made sass and aves some headbands. love hot pink ladies!!


you make us so happy.

its hard to tell from the photos but we are all so excited to have jeff back!! he has been gone for a month for a family medicine rotation in tyler (that he just loved) and he got back late friday night. it has been a crazy month, but with help from the most wonderful friends ever we made it!! we can not tell you how much we missed you jeff. so glad you're back.


takin a little walk

aves has takin' to wearing my "workout shoes" with huge socks everywhere! she trips all over them and just blows it off. she is so cool.


work in progress

if you are wondering what is going on with lullaby lubbock lately, you may have a look kind of like this on your face...don't worry. we are just messing around with some new stuff we just found. back to a new normal so soon!! let us know what you think about the new pics and sizes!

til their daddy takes their t-bird away


Jeff's Favoritos Photos

This picture of Avery was taken in Alaska when she was about 5 months old... you can see why we still call her munchkin to this day.

Ah Ben... so introspective, so concerned, so upset we made him stop eating the sand.

The sass grew out of her nickname and is now the "golden child"... you can see why.

These are my favorite photos and say oh so much about each of our wonderful children!
PS. Sorry ladies about the rogue post.

braid wednesday

lovin' us some french braids lately...

trying to get a group shot...

firehouse subs

we got a firehouse subs!! we are so excited!! (i am mostly saying this for my parents who love this restaurant like its a five star and eat there like every week. they finally have a reason to come see us...)
but its so great and they give out free fire hats when you leave and the kids loved it! we went home and used them to fight out a few fires and we can't wait to go back already.


ella shopping around...

Me and Ella went to the store last night and she had her first true shopping experience. We only had to get a few things so I thought it would be fun to let Ella push the mini cart to get our groceries. She loved it and was cracking me up! Every time she would bump into something she would say "uh oh." It was too cute! I got some of it on video, hope you enjoy.

avery's new roll model

so brycie got a long board and avery loves it!!! brycie is teaching aves everything she knows and i think aves thinks she may have a new talent on her hands...


bye bye blair...

blair came to visit us this weekend and it was SO MUCH fun!! we did basically nothing but lay around and have a good time. a little beer pong, some celebrity, lots of trips to sonic, lots of wearing the same clothes the entire time, some making of break up ballads, planned some creative adventures for the future and a few rounds of hannah montana the movie. thanks for a perfect weekend.

we miss you so much!!


you make me feel like dancing...

Hope everyone has the kind of weekend that makes you feel like dancing the night away!


life thru a linds

so this beautiful picture is on my fridge (because i just love it so much that linds gave it to me) and my friend amanda saw it and was so overwhelmed with how cute she is and said she was the cutest baby she had ever seen!!! i think so too kinley!! you are gorg sister!! and i miss you!! so, amanda, you can see this beautiful baby anytime you want on lifethrualinds.blogspot.com...look her up because she is def the cutest. linds is a fantastic blogger and everything is always so cute!! we miss her and are just so glad that we can keep up with them through the blog world!! love you linds and kin and miss you!!!


for always making us smile.


texas ranger tuesday!!

being the huge ranger fan that i am, and was in the 90's, i was beside myself today to find out that pudge rodriguez is back!!! (i totally cried when they traded him when i was like 12; him and steve buuuuuuuuechele! they were so great) they traded two minor leaguers and 1.5 million bucks to get him from the astros and it was wwweeellll worth it!! i am so excited and we are one game up in the wild card race tonight when we play minnesota!! we are so going to the play offs! good luck rangers with your new/old 14 time all star catcher and your close race to the play offs. we will be yelling you to victory all the way. and welcome back pudge; it's like you never left.

happy pocket t tuesday



moving anna in the dorm

Moving Anna into Nelson dorm over the weekend was so fun! I loved the dorm life and it was so great getting to be in the middle of it all again. A few times I was mistaken for Anna's roommate and it just made my day! I even gave someone my name on a list just so I could buy an intramural shirt, haha! I hope they don't try too hard searching for an Allison Booth in Nelson dorm when it comes time for intramural teams! It was such a fun weekend of lofting beds, assembling shoe racks, hanging clothes and posters, getting to know Anna's roommate Megan, target and wal-malt runs, rick and carolyn's burgers, seeing old friends and just livin up the dorm life. Love you so much Anna and can't wait to come visit again!

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