come back kristen!

Kristen and the kids have been out of town for about a week now and we are so ready for them to come back! Me and Ella miss them so much. Two things happened today that made us realize just how much we miss them when their gone.
The first thing that happened was this morning when Ella woke up. I had just gotten a dvd made with all the little movie clips I have of all the kids playing together. I was so excited to play it for Ella cause I knew she would love it! I was expecting her to just giggle with excitement when she saw her friends Ben, Sawyer and Aves on the tv. As the dvd is playing I look over at Ella and she is glued to the screen with tears in her eyes! She misses her friends so much that she got sad when she saw them on tv. I of course then start crying too. It was so sweet to see so much emotion in her with how much she loves and misses her friends. She is so ready for them to come back home!
The second thing that happened was tonight. Kristen is definitely the baker in our friendship. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever and I have tried and tried to make them as good as hers and it never works out for me. Sometimes I can get them close but tonight for some reason I was very far from close. It was my worst batch yet! I did everything Kristen does and my cookies came out flat as a board and over done. The chocolate chips didn't even stay in the cookie, they would fall out of the bottom when you picked one up, so weird. Lucky for Ella they still tasted good, she loved them! All this to say.....we can't wait for Kristen and the kids to come back. We miss our good friends and cookies!


kristen said...

We miss yall so much!! It is the sweetest thing in the world that Ella misses the kids!! They miss her and sassy has been saying "Ella!" all weekend!! We can't wait to come home!!

Lifethrualinds said...

That is the cutesy thing ever!!! I love it!

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