sample saturday at sam's

Saturday at Sam's Club is my favorite time to go. However, Bob would completely disagree. Saturday means lots of people and a crazy parking lot to him. Yes it is true that Saturdays might have longer lines at the check out, but Saturdays are when they have the most samples! We went to load up on diapers today and I was very excited to see what foods we would get to sample. This was Ella's first sampling experience at Sam's and she absolutely loved it! She ate enough samples to make a meal. Here are some pics I took on my phone of her 1st sampling day at Sam's.

The 100 Calorie snacks were her favorite so we bought her some for home.


Unknown said...

haha that's so funny...we used to do that in Lubbock too!!! You really can get a free meal out of it! And who wants to buy a huge package of something when you don't know what it tastes like?!

Lifethrualinds said...

You are making me hungry...I love it!

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