happy bday brycie!!!

brycarina, i love you. she has been the best blessing in my life this year and has really made my life so much more fun and so much easier! you are the sweetest, kindest, most amazing person that i know and truly the easiest person to live with ever!!! you can really never know what a blessing you have been this year and i really can not do my life without you!! i am so glad that you got into sfa...im just a little sad you cant dely for a semester...i know you are going to be the best nurse ever and i cant wait to hear every step of the way how it is. love you sooooo much. happy big 2-2!!!


this time last year...

This time last year we were in Denver Colorado with Matt and Aly for Halloween! It was so much fun and we hope it becomes a Halloween tradition every year! Here are some pics from last years Halloween. Come back soon to see pics from this year. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!
These 4 cute peeps (soon to be 5) are the reason we travel to Colorado!
The ACU cheerleading squad last Halloween
trick or treat
The goods
Lillian and Ella having their first sucker
Sweet Andy and Ella

a few projects

been teaching myself how to knit...this is my first project and it kinda looks like a cat ate it because it has so many holes...and i am also trying to do one in a circle which is fun, but hard when you are learning off of youtube. i do really love knitting, though. i think maybe more than crocheting. ill keep you posted. i also immediately taught brycie and she likes it more than crocheting too. she really needs to watch the you tube videos, though. i am not the best teacher...
the real fun project has been making cheesy iron on pillows for blaine and di, brycies bffs. they are so cheesetacular and hilarious but super fun to make. i love an iron on.



its been getting cold sporadically (as cher would say) and so the babies have been bundled more than usual. ben busted out the quilted jacket and sass has some hand me downs that she loves. we are loving the cold weather! colorado here we come!
maybe he loves the jacket sometimes more than others...


weekend wrap-up

We missed Jeff, Kristen and kiddos this weekend, they were out of town. Nothing too exciting went on around here but I got some pics of some of our weekend so thought I would blog it. Bob finished his surgery rotation on friday and we are all very excited about that! The last 8 weeks have been very busy for Bob and we are so glad to finally see his face around the house again. Bob played in a golf tournament on Friday which was a perfect start to his first free weekend. He loves golf and is always trying to teach Ella. Ella and I ran errands on Friday and while we were in Hobby Lobby I couldn't help but go down the Christmas aisle. Ella loved all the ornaments and just ewwwed and awwed over them. I then saw a little 3 foot tree that would be perfect for Ella and it was on sale for 14 bucks so I couldn't resist! I was so excited Ella had her first own little Christmas tree! She needed an ornament of course, so I let her down to see which one she would pick on her own. She touched about 100 of them but finally took one off the shelf that she liked. Out of all the bright colored glittered up ornaments she picked a very plain and traditional one. She loved the red ribbon on it. I know it's too early to put the tree up but as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it will be out. Friday night we pushed the couches together to make a bed (Ella gets very excited when this happens, as do I) and we watched Mama Mia.
Saturday morning we ate breakfast at appletree cafe like always and then went to an estate sale. I found this cute old wooden school desk there and Bob worked his magic and got half off! Ella enjoys reading books and coloring in it. We went to some Tech football parties Saturday and Bob went to the game. Ella and I rented Marry Poppins and had another movie night. This time we made a pallet on the floor and Dignan joined us.
Today we went to church and lunch with friends and then changed from our church clothes to game day clothes. Well thats about it for our weekend wrap-up, like I said...nothing too exciting. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Ella and her first tree
Ella's 1st ornament
she gets very excited when we do this with the couch
The cute chair I bought at estate sale
I tried to get some pics of Ella in the chair but this is the only look I got from her. This is a new look so not sure what it means, but I'm guessing she didn't want her picture taken.
Ella headed to a Tech football party!
Good ole' Digs watching Mary Poppins with us.
Bob and his little Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader!
Stunt time
Go Cowboys!


Okafor's littlest fan

Our friend Mickey Okafor #77 plays for Texas Tech and we always cheer for him on game days. I got Ella a jersey made with Mickey's name and number on it so she could show off who her favorite player is. Here are some pics of Ella at a pre-game party we went to today.
Mickey is not one for letting me take his picture but this is Mickey. He has Ben on his shoulders, how cute are they! We love you Mickey and hope you had a good game tonight!


happy bday jeff!


happy birthday jeff!! the big 2-9!! he is so almost 30. wow. it feels like just yesterday it was basically love at first sight when i saw him across the room at youth impact, in college station. i was working with middle school kids and he was working with high school kids. he was wearing a fleece that we still have and, i actually wore this morning to take aves to school.
i pretty much knew i wanted to marry him that day and didnt even know his last name. my mom even got on board when i told her i was gonna marry "this jeff guy". then he saw me working out in a gray shirt (bad idea), covered in sweat, and talked to me and linds (and even liked me when i was, did i mention, in a full sweat, in a gray shirt, next to linds, who is obviously so gorgeous and i was so gross...i knew he was the one). since then he is constantly showing me how kind, generous and loving he is everyday.
when we found out we were pregnant with aves, it was a huge surprise (and total accident). he was soooo excited and positive (while i cried and was pretty sad. dont worry, i got over it the moment they said "its a girl!" and showed me her gorgeous face, and i have been over the moon for her ever since). and he was even more wonderful when the dr asked us "how many babies did you order" when we went in for our first sonogram for our second pregnancy. talk about the shock of a lifetime! we were in the middle of med school and i thought it was only one baby... i def cried for about 5 mo after that one (and throughout the whole dr appt). but not him. he was NEVER upset about it and always so excited.
he is so patient with all of us; so good at helping me make friends and not be shy, so at peace and confident in the skin God gave him, and never wishes for anything he doesnt have (unless of course it deals with hunting equipment or technology, but that is a diff story all together). he never complains about anything. he always looks for the best, is pretty content wherever he is and he is the most wonderful man i know. he is our rock and we would be lost without him. i feel so blessed that everyday i never doubt that he loves the Lord, me and the kids with all his heart and will always love us. everyday that makes me love him more. thank you, jeff, for being you. i love you so much. happy birthday.
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