acu homecoming 09'

We headed out to Abilene yesterday afternoon for ACU homecoming. We are going to our club breakfast at 6:30 am this morning and then watching the ACU parade. This is a pic of us at breakfast two years ago. I am 4 months prego with Ella and Kristen is 1 month prego with twins and didn't even know it yet!
This afternoon we are getting back in the car and headed to the dallas/ft. worth area for a very exciting event on Sunday! We will be noddin' our heads like "yeah!" and movin' our hips like "yeah!" If you can't figure out where we will be from that then you aren't as cool as us and will just have to wait for pics!


The Whitecotton's World said...

You're going to see Miley Cyrus!!!!

I am sad I didn't get to see you in Abilene again!

Bobby B. said...

Papa Bob figured it out! He is WAY cool!! Y'all have a great time!!!

Blair Wheeler said...

This is a frame-worthy pic... you all look gorgeous. Can't wait to see this year's post.

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