Avery Takes Over the Blog

 So, hi everyone! It's me, Avery. Today I am taking over the blog! We have pictures that were taken by me (That are not that good) of beautiful models, including: Adalyn Booth, Lillian Booth, Leighton Booth, Sawyer Barstad, Mary Masters, and Lulu Ingrid Barstad. Enjoy!
 The Booths came over and I surprised them with my new camera, I thought we could do a photo shoot. They loved the idea so I picked up my tripod and took my camera and set off! They are not that good, but You Can't Blame a Girl For Trying. Lillian was one of the models and she did fabulous!

 And then Adalyn stepped in! She as well was a great model.

 We did inside and outside, in my opinion I thought the outside ones were better. Can anyone else agree?

 closeups and faraway.

 Then me and Lillian did some "Wedding" photos.

This is her "wedding ring". It's a little small.

 We took the pictures in my parents room because that's really the only white background place, it turned out to be pretty good (maybe).

 I told Leighton I wanted to take a quick photo before she got in, she agreed.

 Then we took other pictures in the hot tub.

 I really think they just wanted to swim instead of being photographed of.
 But they were cute.

 We moved inside to take some other pictures. In this one we have Adalyn holding a ukulele.
 Then we have lulu! Isn't she adorable? I did not take them. Adalyn and Sawyer did. They did a great job!

 I just can't get over how cute she is!

Another day, Mary came over. She really wanted to take pictures, so I decided to give it a go.
She said she wanted todo pictures of our reflection .
They turned out great! If you look at it right it looks like we are giants sitting on the roof.
So everyone, that is Me! I hope you like the photos! Thx! 

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