Shea and I had a picnic on our front lawn the other day when it nice out and I brought out the crochet blanket I made a while back.  Which was a dumb idea.  It got grass in it everywhere. And it will probably fall apart if I wash it.  
 Dirty is the new black.
 Started weaving lately and built a loom out of an old screen.  It is SO MUCH FUN.  I cant get over how much I love it.
 Good at it? Not so much. But its so fun.

 We went to the Heard over spring break and the kids loved their lives.
And Jeff took the kids to cabellas the other day.  Shea didn't want to leave me because we are connected at the hip at alllllll times.  She never can be away from me even if she wants to be.  She throws a fit if she cant see me and I'm in the kitchen.  This time we pushed through the fit and she got in the car kicking and screaming, but when she came home she was a new person.  It gave her so much confidence to be somewhere without me and she had so much fun.  I have to start doing this more often so she can get used to it.  It gave me so much sanity just having 30 minutes away from her.
Avery took this pic of herself with Jeff's phone in portrait mode.  And quickly said how beautiful she is.  Love that self confidence Aves.  I hope it lasts forever.

 We went to Abilene to see the new science building and toured the stadium in our fancy gear.
 Sawyer's art was displayed at the art show the other day.  So proud of her and her artisticness.
I was asking Avery a few questions like "What makes you happy?" "What makes you sad?" "What makes you tired?", etc. For the happy question she said "babies".  Love that sweet side of her and her love for babies like her mama.

                              Eggs and playing outside and in.  SO thankful for this crazy girl and her crazy hair.

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