I took Ben fishing.

Jeff was working and I decided it would be a good idea to take Ben to Town Lake where they had stocked the pond and were having a fishing tournament.
Jeff left us this awesome note and some money to buy equipment and we were so excited.
We had just gotten Lulu so I thought it would be a good idea to bring both of the dogs, too.
Sawyer had a playdate to go to and Avery was gone, so we went to academy, grabbed some worms and fishing gear and headed to the pond.
 With Ben and I being almost the same person, we put the same amount of thought into the preparations and into making sure we had everything we needed at all times (i.e. Not much). First, we dropped the bag of hooks on the way from the car to the lake, and couldn't find it. So, a sweet lady loaned us one. Then, we got his lined tangled and a whole family came to our rescue and untangled it and gave us a new hook (since we left the tackle box at home). And after trying all over the lake, he couldn't catch anything and said he never wanted to fish again 😔. If you know Ben, that would pretty much be hell on earth. #bestdayever not.  We were both over it, but I just so badly wanted to not give up. The pond had been stocked and everyone around us had buckets of fish. We just needed one. We decided to change locations one more time, and we sat next to a sweet family that did not judge us for our dirty faces, troll jommies and lack of fishing equipment. They had a little boy the same age as Ben who was so kind and talked to him and shared his bait. As they were talking, the little boy got a bite and immediately gave his rod to Ben and told him to reel it in. And Ben was ecstatic. The whole family told him to keep it and that they had caught enough fish already. It just makes me cry writing it out again. I couldn't get over it and thanked them over and over. Ben was beside himself and has been on cloud nine ever since. Longest story ever, but I am just so humbled today, and so, so thankful for such kind people. And I'm never going anywhere without either Jeff or Sawyer again. Those two would never have gotten into that kind of a mess.

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