happy friday

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Ft Worth Zoo

we have had so much fun these past two weeks in dallas with my family and jeff's while he did a rotation at a dallas hospital. we have gotten to see friends we love (ie. linds, blair, jennifer grace, cousins, grandparents and so many more) and it has just been a blast. We went to the park with linds a million times, shopped around and ate tons of good food. im coming home a size up from when i got here...anyway, it was worth it. and yesterday we went to the fort worth zoo with linds and kinley and it was sooooo fun!! i knew my kids loved animals and would like it but it was just so fantastic and they were in love with all the animals and, as you can guess, the birds. avery loved the flamingos the best and i forgot how gorgeous they all are!! the pink. love em. it was such a great day...
kinley and ben
sass loved this little room with tons of parakeets that flew all around us. she could not stop laughing and chasing them.
ben at zoo
ben and linds
avery flamingos
avery looks like she is in pain here but she is actually doing her flamingo impression!! hahaha!! they all love their bird calls, ya know. she went home and checked it on jeffs phone to make sure it was right...
and happy late braid wednesday!
this was pretty much ben's face the whole time!! hilarious. love the zoo. cant wait to go back!


booster seat

I made Ella her very own booster seat from the book One-Yard Wonders.
I cut two squares out of an oilcloth and sewed them to form a booster seat,
then I put a foam piece inside and filled it with 3 pounds of buckwheat hulls.
Ella helped me clean up the buckwheat hulls that we spilled.
Ella loves that she can read her books in the big girl chair now!


matching monday

Ella and me have both been sick the last couple of days and today we had matching fevers.
We have stayed in the house and taken "couch potato" to a whole new level!
We put the blow up mattress in front of the tv and have lived here for the last 48 hours.
Hopefully we will be feeling better soon!


ella's first gymnastics class!

Ella had her first gymnastics class this week and it was hilarious, she loved it! The foam pit was her favorite and the bars were her least favorite. She has got a lot of muscle to build before she can hold herself up on them. But as Miley would say..."you gotta keep trying, gotta keep your head held high, it ain't about how fast you get there..it's the climb..."

thanks jordan!

So our sweet sweet friend Jordan knew that we were on the lookout for a tree logo and she sent us the wonderful tree that you see in our header! We love everything about it! Creating fabulous things is an everyday thing for Jordan and her sister Kirstin. Their blog has so many wonderful creations and inspirations and you should totally check it out. Then after that you should go to their etsy store and buy some of their fabulous creations!


tuck and roll

Guess who starts gymnastics this week?!


party hearty planning

so i have been trying to find a fun idea for the munch's 4th bday and i have been really stumped. i just couldnt think of anything that she was really into and that could be enhanced to an entire theme...then i started thinking about her bday being in feb and things associated with february and i thought about valentines day, which brought me to hearts and (though it is a very limited and simple theme), hearts it is! so we are going to Party Hearty on feb 6!! i saw some really cute invitations on partyperfect and a few ideas from martha (stewart, that is) and have my inspiration board complete! i copied the invitations and sewed (and glued) a little heart on the top that i cut from felt or fabric and printed the words off the computer. i was going to sew the edges but i decided to just tear them. it was super easy and so much fun.
in my search for all things cute i found these letters from ohhappytogether that are so cute and kinda used her idea but didnt quilt them. i just sewed around the edges.
and then washed and dried them and they are perfect for a banner at the party...maybe with hearts between the words...

fancy feet friday

Hope everyone gets to put on a fancy pair of shoes this weekend!
Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!


homemade thank you gifts

So my latest obsession, phase, and hobby has been sewing. I have had so much fun making things on my new sewing machine and it's all thanks to my mom and dad. It was the perfect Christmas gift! I made them each a little something to say thank you.
My mom always has to make a trip to her chiropractor after Ella comes to visit because she holds her so much that she gets her neck and back all out of whack! So I made her a neck heating pad that she can heat up in the microwave. I had a harder time thinking of something to make for my dad. He loves to play golf so I made him a golf tee holder. Now I know that golf tees do not need there own holder so it's really more of a "its the thought that counts" kind of gift rather than a useful one.
I sewed two pieces of fabric together and attached a handle on each side,
filled it with rice and cut up pieces of lavender dryer sheets (lavender is what should be used but I couldn't find any)
sewed the opening closed and then I hand stitched "thank you" on the handle.
Just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and it's ready to go on your neck.
I used the same pattern as I did on Ella's crayon holder but just made it a little longer so it could hold 18 tees.
I hope they like their homemade gifts cause it's only the start of many more to come!


tea party time

Ella had Aves, Ben and Sassy over for a lunchtime tea party today. It was so cute to watch them all sit at the table together like big kids. They shared/stole each others food and had so much fun. The cajun crackers was the most popular item on the table and the bananas took last place, nobody even touched one, haha!
Avery said that our next tea party should be a cake one. I think thats a great idea Aves!
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