Fridays are forever...i wish.

ok, so you guys need to go right now and look at Rue.  
Picture 2
It is so amazing and chock full of incredible ideas and just gorgeous to look at.
While we are talking about incredible ideas,
go to "like" (and get very excited about) my sister in law's amazing store that is coming on feb 14 (awww).  they have been working so hard on this project and she is so talented and I know she and her partner are going to be amazingly successful.  I am seriously so excited and proud of her, I cant stand it.  Read all about it on facebook and get all your furniture out and ready to be redone.  and every space in your house that is in need of something cute, get ready to want to spend all of your money in her store filling that space.  get excited guys (and go look at her website while you are getting excited).  (and keep up the excitement for private social, also coming soon).
speaking of cute and exciting,
you have to go see my cutest friend lauren's new blog.  she was my first friend at a&m that I met on my own, and she has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me.  she is so cute and so sweet and so talented!
01 25 11_2102
she is gonna be huge guys, so get into her now and tell all your friends so you look super cool when she is everywhere.
speaking of everywhere,
check out this incredible blog that my MIL's best friend created.  She gets ideas from everywhere and recreates them at her house even better than the original.  She is so talented and inspiring.  she is also having an amazing giveaway when she reaches 100 followers so check it out!
speaking of talented and inspiring,
shannon from luvinthemommyhood is making this beautiful quilt and it makes me want to be in front of my sewing machine right now trying to figure out how to quilt.  my friend julie is also quilting and I feel like it might be my spring challenge...if you havent ever been to luvinthemommyhood (you prob live under a rock) go check her out and see how amazingly funny and cute she is.  and sweet.  she writes you back after you comment on her blog. i maybe screamed and jumped up and down like a celebrity just emailed me love it.
and speaking of sweeeettttt,
Before & After
how incredible are linds' shelves?! love them! cant believe she just decided to make them and did it.  love it.
and, did yall hear?? celeste is backkkkkk. check out her shed. so pimp.
Photo on 2011-01-25 at 15.12
and funniest post of the week, right here.
hope yall had a greattttt week.  and have a fantastic weekend.


keep jordan normal

Our sweet friend Jordan is moving to Austin next week.  We will miss her so much, especially Ella. 
We had a little dessert good-bye party to send her off. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Brittany and I made shirts in honor of Jordan. Bob had the genius idea to put KEEP JORDAN NORMAL on the back. A little spin off from the KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD shirts. This was my first time to use my silhouette and I love it!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
It was such a fun night with friends, just dance on the wii, pyramids, desserts and a little private concert from the fabulous Caleb Jude Green.
We love you so much Jordan and can't wait to come visit!


brittany's "POP" baby shower

I helped throw Brittany a baby shower last weekend and it was so fun! The theme was "POP." 
My fabulous friend Jordan from kojodesigns did the invites. How cute are those?!
All the hostesses came over the night before and we got everything set up for the shower. The pre-party set up is my favorite part of a party.  It's so fun staying up late getting the vision to come to life! 
Picnik collage
Jordan made all the signs, labels and banners and gave us all a tutorial on how to make pom-pom balls. We made a ton and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. I loved the way this looked, I will definitely be making these again and again for future parties.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I was in charge of the popcorn bar. Brittany is a huge popcorn lover so I knew we had to have the best popcorn and I knew just where to get it! My sister in law Aly introduced me to this fantastic little candy/popcorn store in Dallas. They have every flavor and color of popcorn you can imagine! The store is called Candy Corn's. Their website isn't up yet but they were wonderful to work with over the phone and they sent me all the popcorn in the mail. We had Jalapeno Ranch (the best by far!), Apple, Butter, Coconut, and Parmesan popcorn. We made cones out of card stock to hold the popcorn. So fun!
Picnik collage
All the food at the shower was all things that popped. We had jalapeno poppers, blow pops, pop rocks, soda pop candy, bubble gum, rice crispy treats, homemade pop tarts and cake pops.
Picnik collage
We had cards for the guests to fill out for baby Cooper. Each card said something different on them. It was kinda like a fill in the blank. Example, "I hope you love..., I hope you aren't afaird..., I hope you laugh..." 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Brittany is just the cutest pregnant girl ever and she got some good stuff for baby Cooper. Such a fun shower! Thanks for everyone that came and helped with the shower and thanks so much Jordan for taking such great pics! 


Valentines Day...

So, I really want to have something cute in my house for valentines day and I am in a HUGE rut. I dont know why I cant get it together this year.  I have less and less orders for scarves, but I still havent had any thoughts other than yarn in, it feels like, years.  
Since Avery's party last year was hearts, I felt like I had valentines day covered and I had tons of heart things- like TONS.  This year, not so much.
I have been trying to scour the internet, so here are a few ideas I have found
heart garland
valentine's cookies (these are amazing!!)
valentines day bag
cardboard postcards.  these could so be used as valentines.  and of course i love them, they involve yarn. i mean, hello, duh.
look at these pop tart pops!! you could so make them into hearts.  i love these.
the party dress has some great ideas too.
how cute is this stuff from eat, drink, chic?!
ok...thanks for letting me throw out other people's ideas. im so creative.  cant help it.


Private Social

Tiffany Derry
This is SUPER last minute, but if you are just checking these parts around 8:30ish (lets be real, you are probably already watching) turn on your tv to top chef all stars and root for Tiffany Derry because she is gonna be the chef for brother's restaurant Private Social!!!  She is so amazing and we are so proud of my brother (and sister in law, she has a little shop up her sleeves too that is in the works-more on that later) and cant wait for Private Social!! It is opening in a few months, so all you Dallasites get ready...


Hola Amigos

That sounds like I just got back from Mexico, which I did NOT, but that would be fun...
anyway, I feel like it has been forever since I have seen this blog.  Jeff took last week off and it was so much fun.  He gets two weeks vacation and, after a really long holiday, he took this week off so we could regroup and try and remember what it feels like to all be in the same room again. (just kidding...sort of.)
We did not get much done, but it was really fun just to be together and run errands, take naps, have neighborhood parties, etc., together.  Fun times had by all.
On a craftier note,
My sister in law asked if I would make her a present for a friend of hers that is having a birthday and, since she is two, we decided on matching hat and leg warmers.
I really love the way they turned out and think I am going to add leg warmers to the shop.  And maybe some adult ones.  I also made a lot of adult hats that I will add to the shop tomorrow when its not so late and I actually have had a shower and can maybe photograph myself in it without looking like a hobo off the streets- its bad people.  Am I the only one who wakes up, even if I showered last night,  and looks like a crazy person who stuck their finger in a light socket before I got up???  Dont answer that.
Ok.  I am off to watch every fashion show show about last night because I did not see anything really, as my kids were running around like crazy at my in laws house....and is everyone even watching the bachelor? I just cant get into it...is fang girl still on there?
Ok, really going to crochet while watching tv while reading a magazine.


lazy days...

We have been having our fair share of lazy days over here. The main reason we have been stuck inside the house is because of my healing process from the c-section but also because it has been so dang cold outside! Who would want to leave the house?!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
We have made lots of pallets and watched movie after movie. I'm not complaining:) I love me a good lazy day.
Brittany and I even got a little crafty too.
Picnik collage
The island in our kitchen is still raw wood on top. It will one day have butcher block on it but until then we came up with a great idea. We spray painted it with chalkboard paint! 
Picnik collage
It's the perfect place for grocery lists, reminders, and funny notes to the roommates. Ella has been loving it too. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Dora X8

Lets just start off by saying "awwwww, poor Ben!"
I never got Ben's Diego shirt made and I just feel awful about it. Poor Ben. Someday Ben, someday.
Just a few days before McKenna's arrive I did finally finish all 8 Dora outfits for Ella to give her friends for a very belated Christmas gift.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
All the girls loved them! Everyone sent me picture texts of their girls wearing them. Aves and Sassy wore theirs to school and Lillian and Elizabeth sported them in gymnastics class. I love it!


McKenna pics

So McKenna's first weekend was filled with many many tears and they didn't come from McKenna. She is every bit of perfect and has been so sweet and peaceful. (so far!)
I, on the other hand had everything but a peaceful weekend.
 So...turns out I am severely allergic to the glue that is used to put on the incision after you have a c-section. We came home Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday evening the rash began. I won't go into much detail but lets just say it looks like one of those pictures you see in a medical school book that is so gross you turn the page quickly. It is bad. Real bad.
We talked to the on-call nurse serval times this weekend and made a trip to the ER.  Nobody could really put their finger on what was causing it and the rash was not responding to any of the medicines I was given. I began to panic. It wasn't until today that I finally had some relief and peace about the whole thing. After visiting two different doctors this morning it was determined that I am having a reaction to the glue and have developed a very bad case of contact dermatitis. I am now on two different meds and have high hopes that I will soon begin to see and feel improvement. Man, what a weekend!
On a happier note, Brittany took some super cute pic of McKenna today.
Picnik collage
Brittany and I tried to get a picture of her holding her head up in her hands. Maybe next time:)
Picnik collage
I'm sure this is only the first of many more photo shoots to come. It was so fun! It ended with Brittany's white blanket in the wash. We might have left McKenna's diaper off a little too long:) Lesson learned.


Weekend in Pics (on this side of Texas...)

We got snow in tyler.  SNOW!  We are thrilled, to say the least.
There has also been some cuddling,
and a little chatting.
We are about to have all the neighbors over for chicken tequitos (that we die for) and to play some kinect...
I am sure that allison's side looks a lot different...we will let her share her pics with yall a little later.
Hope yall are enjoying your weekend, wherever (and in whatever climate conditions) you are.
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