McKenna pics

So McKenna's first weekend was filled with many many tears and they didn't come from McKenna. She is every bit of perfect and has been so sweet and peaceful. (so far!)
I, on the other hand had everything but a peaceful weekend.
 So...turns out I am severely allergic to the glue that is used to put on the incision after you have a c-section. We came home Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday evening the rash began. I won't go into much detail but lets just say it looks like one of those pictures you see in a medical school book that is so gross you turn the page quickly. It is bad. Real bad.
We talked to the on-call nurse serval times this weekend and made a trip to the ER.  Nobody could really put their finger on what was causing it and the rash was not responding to any of the medicines I was given. I began to panic. It wasn't until today that I finally had some relief and peace about the whole thing. After visiting two different doctors this morning it was determined that I am having a reaction to the glue and have developed a very bad case of contact dermatitis. I am now on two different meds and have high hopes that I will soon begin to see and feel improvement. Man, what a weekend!
On a happier note, Brittany took some super cute pic of McKenna today.
Picnik collage
Brittany and I tried to get a picture of her holding her head up in her hands. Maybe next time:)
Picnik collage
I'm sure this is only the first of many more photo shoots to come. It was so fun! It ended with Brittany's white blanket in the wash. We might have left McKenna's diaper off a little too long:) Lesson learned.


MatersandMelons said...

Oh no! I hope you get some relief very soon! That sounds absolutely terrible, especially when you are trying to enjoy your time with your sweet new baby!

On the other hand, the pictures of McKenna are beautiful!

Lifethrualinds said...

Those pics are to.die.for! I need a Brittany to live with me please! Miss you all already.

Alyson Booth said...

Oh MY Goodness...I cannot stand to be away from that precious girl!!!!! I Miss her and you SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Those pics are TO DIE FOR! ...I am glad you are feeling better about the "rash"....that sounds too sweet for what it is really is!! Let's call it a rash times 100!

Brittany said...

She is ADORABLE!! I wish I could have held her before we left lubbock! she is so tiny and precious! Glad you are feeling better! Hope that it continues to heal!

Nina said...

She is so sweet, I cannot wait to meet her!!! But I'm so sorry for you, hope it gets better real fast :)

fromhousetohome said...

She is perfect and beautiful..just like her mama! Hope you are feeling back to normal soon! Can't wait to meet her! Blessings to you and the family!

hannah said...

She is precious!! SO SO sorry you have been feeling so bad. I will pray for quick healing now that they know the problem!

jojo said...

These pictures are priceless. She has gotten so much bigger since I have been there. Can't wait to see her again. I hope you are doing better! Love you!

Leslie said...

I AM SO SORRY!!! I had no idea!! Praying for healing and peace. Pics are gorgeous!

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