Fridays are forever...i wish.

ok, so you guys need to go right now and look at Rue.  
Picture 2
It is so amazing and chock full of incredible ideas and just gorgeous to look at.
While we are talking about incredible ideas,
go to "like" (and get very excited about) my sister in law's amazing store that is coming on feb 14 (awww).  they have been working so hard on this project and she is so talented and I know she and her partner are going to be amazingly successful.  I am seriously so excited and proud of her, I cant stand it.  Read all about it on facebook and get all your furniture out and ready to be redone.  and every space in your house that is in need of something cute, get ready to want to spend all of your money in her store filling that space.  get excited guys (and go look at her website while you are getting excited).  (and keep up the excitement for private social, also coming soon).
speaking of cute and exciting,
you have to go see my cutest friend lauren's new blog.  she was my first friend at a&m that I met on my own, and she has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me.  she is so cute and so sweet and so talented!
01 25 11_2102
she is gonna be huge guys, so get into her now and tell all your friends so you look super cool when she is everywhere.
speaking of everywhere,
check out this incredible blog that my MIL's best friend created.  She gets ideas from everywhere and recreates them at her house even better than the original.  She is so talented and inspiring.  she is also having an amazing giveaway when she reaches 100 followers so check it out!
speaking of talented and inspiring,
shannon from luvinthemommyhood is making this beautiful quilt and it makes me want to be in front of my sewing machine right now trying to figure out how to quilt.  my friend julie is also quilting and I feel like it might be my spring challenge...if you havent ever been to luvinthemommyhood (you prob live under a rock) go check her out and see how amazingly funny and cute she is.  and sweet.  she writes you back after you comment on her blog. i maybe screamed and jumped up and down like a celebrity just emailed me love it.
and speaking of sweeeettttt,
Before & After
how incredible are linds' shelves?! love them! cant believe she just decided to make them and did it.  love it.
and, did yall hear?? celeste is backkkkkk. check out her shed. so pimp.
Photo on 2011-01-25 at 15.12
and funniest post of the week, right here.
hope yall had a greattttt week.  and have a fantastic weekend.


Very Shannon said...

OMG...you are just way too cute! You crack me up. You can totally quilt...I promise. We can learn together. If I can do it, you can too :) Hugs for a great weekend and thanks for the kind words.

Rebecca Gibbs said...

i have an award for you on my blog today!;) because i adore both of you and your ahhhdorable blog. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Morgan Bender said...

So many talented folks around you. Went to you're SIL site...AMAZING!!! LMc uh, love her, of course I'll make a felt pouch, all different sizes and then functionally hang them in your craft room or line them inside your kids jackets to carry all the things they hoard or start them on a booming career of a shady salesman.

Lauren said...

oh my goodness kristen!!!! im flattered you'd even mention me on your blog, none the less, rave about me! haha you're so sweet and inspiring and i'm so so so so glad I met you that day at YI when you were all scared and shy...little did i know what an amazing friend I would make!

Lauren said...

oh AND I love your SILs new shop! i cant wait!!!!! i have a chair i need to get re-upholstered and i just might go to her!!!! thanks for all the fun friday faves!

lins said...


what a flattering photo of me at the bottom of this one! hahaha thanks for the shoutout, my darling! i love you!

Nan Burger said...


Thank you so much for the mention! What a sweet thing to do! Your mother-in-law is my favorite partner for crafting and we're looking forward to a bunch of it later this month. Can't wait to feel the warmth of Texas! -Nan

the tichenor family said...

this post is awesome, i needed some fresh reads. although, my laptop is gone to apple for a new hard drive (it's been gone a week, i am having panic attacks)... so I will have to wait to officially get to reading about all of your "friends"... I am still sad we didn't get to meet up in December. Lets plan a Spring time meet and greet!! You're still precious and fabulous as ever. xoxo

SILVIA said...

this post is great!
of course follow u!!!!=D

Jamie said...

what screen printer do you use? thanks!!

kristen said...

hi jamie! we just use a screen from pocono screens. Nothing fancy. You can also get them at hobby lobby and they have paint and the sqeegees there too!

Jamie said...

thanks so much kristen!

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