Viva La Mexico!

 allllllll jeff.


There are so many more photos of this...I will have to come back. brb


Fourth of July 2017

We are trying to say, with our shirts, that we want America to be big enough again.  Big enough to house everyone who needs her.  No wall, no ban, no discrimination. 
 (Also giving Kathy full responsibility of this tee idea).
And it was a great 4th.  
 As always.
 Linds brought lipscense and rainbow looms, al brought beads and we did make up and made accessories and were all flared up by the end of the weekend.
 More is more.
Blurry, but love singing God Bless the USA with mom and watching the fireworks.
We had a little truth or dare after the fireworks that the parents bailed on but was fantastic.
Ben and Ty never stopped fishing.

And sometimes they were joined by the girls.
Then we set off for the square.
And were heartbroken when there was no one there but like 5 booths because of a huge storm the night before.  We were devastated. 
But pressed on.
And played Dutch Blitz at every table in the house.
 Reapplied our lips,
And tubed.
Until next year, best holiday ever.

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