good day:)

My mom is still in town so we took her to eat at our favorite breakfast place this morning. It's called Appletree and they have the best cinnamon rolls. Ella gets one every time. Anyways, on our way to breakfast we passed by an estate sale. The street was full of cars so we decided to go in and see if there was anything good. My eye immediately went to this cute little school desk. Its from the 1960's and was in very good condition and it was only 20 dollars! I might be a sucker but I thought that was a great deal so I had to get it.
Where will I put it? I have no idea. But someday I will have the perfect place for it:)

Then we went to the mall to show my mom just how exciting the lubbock mall can be. Well it turns out that today really was an exciting day at the mall, for me at least:) As we are sitting at Chickfila eating lunch this sweet girl came up to me and said she recognized me because she reads this blog! OMG! Are you serious?! I was kinda flipping out! I was so flattered. We don't ever know who all really reads our blog and it just made my day that someone we don't even know reads it and likes it enough to come up and tell me. It was the highlight of my day for sure! So thank you Kristi Jane (sorry if I got that wrong) for making my day!

We took Ella to feed the ducks tonight and then decided to fix a somewhat healthy dinner.
Having my mom in town means eating out a lot and we were actually craving something light and healthy for dinner.
I have made this recipe many times before and not only is it good but it's so easy and with no clean up! You just wrap it all up in foil, stick it in the oven and its ready to eat right from the foil. I got the recipe from the oh so fabulous Darby.

We did it!

so, of course we had to copy allison. not her amazing costume-there is no matching the awesomeness of that-but we had to go to Dora LIVE, too.
(at least me, linds and kinley look as excited as we were...)
and it did not disappoint, amigos and amigas.
it was so amazing!
Picnik collage
Lindsay got us these fantastic gift bags full of dora masks (that i have to say, everyone asked where we got them), dora bracelets full of lip gloss, party blowers and so much more. they were so cute and the kids loved them!! they wore the masks all the time, made us wear them and sang all the songs during the show.
Picnik collage
it was really so well done and the actors were so fantastic.
i got shirts at target and some dora jommies to put on after the show for everyone (except ben. poor ben. he and matt were the only boys in our group and there was no diego or boots stuff anywhere. bummer.)
and, even though aves and adalyn had just seen each other, they ran up and hugged like it had been years. it was so sweet. they just love each other and were connected at the hip the whole time.
we went to mcdonalds with linds afterwards and then headed home. i know jeff and ben were so sad they missed such an amazing time!



Picture 2
pretty excited to see each other...

ella's first day of school!

Today was a big day! Well a big day for me:) I'm sure I'm making it out to be a way bigger deal than it really is but I was just so excited about it! Ella started her first day of school today!
Picnik collage
My mom drove to Lubbock yesterday to be here with me while I took Ella to school this morning. (see where I get my excitement from) She knew it was a big day too and she didn't want to miss out. We were up till 1 last night making labels for her backpack, nap mat and lunch box.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I had so much fun busting out my old laminating machine. This is something my mom got me maybe like 10 years ago and I have pulled it out for so many random things to laminate. It's perfect for small projects. I typed Ella's name out and just cut and glued a label from card stock. Then I put it through the machine and it laminated them. I punched a hole through it and tied it on with a ribbon.
I sent Ella off with a lunch packed of her favorite things. A turkey bagel sandwich, cheeto puffs, cajun crackers (best things ever), strawberries and oranges and a few mini chips ahoy.
She did awesome when we dropped her off this morning. She walked right in and started playing. Her teacher is so wonderful and I just love her! I can't wait to pick her up and hear how today went!


apple of my eye

Yesterday my friend Carrie and I took Molly and Ella to this apple orchard. We ate lunch there, went on a hay ride and picked and ate a lot of apples. The girls had so much fun.
Carrie and I made Molly and Ella matching skirts to wear for their first apple picking.
Picnik collage
We made the skirts using the super easy elastic waist skirt tutorial. I made apple hair clips out of felt and totally made them face the wrong way when the girls wore them in their hair. oops.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!


Fridays are for fun

a little modeling sesh while we were at aly's party
Since, one of my favorite things about other people's blogs is when they show what their favorite things have been around the web this week, i thought i would give it a try...

how fantastic is this recipe site??? they draw out the recipe and its ingredients. so cute!

i'm sure youve all seen these, but how cute are darbys t shirts!

excited to try beth's book club ideas

how cute is our little lubbock pioneer woman? she has recipes, cute boys and sells their beef that is completely grass fed. miss you guys!

someday i am going to make something this amazing...

always love an animal party.

how awesome is this shower!

i think this lady is so talented! and her clothes are so cute and her kids always looks so cute. and those clips...love them.

my kids ask for bandaids every five seconds...i cant imagine how often they would ask if we had these

just love her. she is amazing.

i think these animal prints are so gorgeous. ben would love these on his wall.

i cant wait for these fabrics to come out! (and then go on sale)

just love this pillow. and really all her stuff.

umm, i wanna WIN!!! this giveaway is amazing!

ok, guys. hope yall have a fantastic weekend!!


First Day of School in Tyler

So, today i took all my kids to school for the first time!
(i know this pic is blurry, but they look so happy!)
i tried to get a group shot but it never really worked...
Picnik collage
of course, i dont have the backpacks i ordered, and my mom ordered their nap mats and they arent in yet. so, we just had an array of sleeping bags, random backpacks and lunchboxes. it was kinda a lot of crap...
we defied gravity (with jazz hands from all three) in the car and told ourselves it was time to "close our eyes and leap"
then, against all odds, we got there early! and had to sit out in the church where its held and eat snacks because they didnt open yet.
Picnik collage
and then off they went.
aves didnt even have time to say goodbye because she was so excited.
i left bens sleeping bag in the hall of the church and had to go find it while he and sass played in their room. i didnt label any of their stuff; i didnt tell her teacher that we call her sassy and they have never been away from me this long...they were ok when i left, but i dont know...
it makes me so nervous and anxious and im just praying for them all day. that they will be able to find somebody to love. and somebody who loves them. and will trust God when its hard.
i know that this is the time when they will maybe not want to go on thursday, and will probably figure out whats going on and not be excited about school for a few months. maybe not. maybe they will love it...i hope so. aves had a hard time for about a year, but now she loves it. ben will probably never know im gone and will only just be glad hes surrounded by dinosaurs and cars. sass will not like to be told what to do and will quickly realize she is not the one in control. hopefully her teacher will guide her through those melt downs where she throws her body on the floor (i guess im not that sad im missing this...). oh preschool. you are a whirlwind of emotions.
im sure when i pick them up, and asking them 100 questions about their day, they will want to do a lot of this,
maybe we will listen to "don't stop believing in the car" and get some ice cream to get ready for the rest of the year...


Sea World...because we can.

first off,
happy birthday to our gorgeous friend (and roommate for me, sister-in-law for allison) Aly!!
she is the kind of friend that you always want around-so fun, always up for a good time; always so kind to everyone and ready to meet new friends, become best friends with them, and introduce them to her friends; knows how to make everyone feel like they are her best friend; and always makes you want to be a better person. she is so fun and we are so thankful she is in both of our lives!! love you alyq22!
second of all,
her friend julianna threw her a fabulous party and i drove in from tyler on thursday night to come. i was so excited and aly and i decided that i would bring my kids and we would all spend the night at her house because her husband, matt, was out of town. as if that wasnt gonna be fun enough, i asked how long her husband would be out of town and when she said all weekend, i, jokingly, asked if we were all gonna go to sea world this weekend to pass the time while matt was gone...and aly, being the ready-for-anything girl she is, said YES! lets do it!! she was walking in to lunch with matt when the conversation started, she told him about it at lunch and by the time she called me back to tell me she was for real in after lunch, she got a conformation email from the hotel where matt had already booked us a room! i mean, for a good time call matt and aly booth!
so, y'all, we decided on wednesday and on friday we were at sea world with six kids and two moms! we drove five hours on fri, were at the park for three hours and came back noon on saturday!!
It was the best weekend of our lives!!!!!
we loaded up our 2 four year olds, three 2 year olds and a nine month old and started our drive to sea world at 10 on friday.
aves and adalyn were so excited!
(of course i had to make shirts...)
my kids fell asleep throughout the trip and lil lillian finally fell asleep when we pulled up to the sea world sign...
Picnik collage
and then the party started!
is that not the cutest baby you have ever seen??? she is so sweet and literally, never cried! she looks like this all the time. (and her name is leighton and avery has a good friend in tyler named katelyn so avery called leighton "katelyn" the whole time! it isnt funny writing it down right now, but for some reason it was hilarious at the time...just trust me. six kids and 10 car hours in less than 24 hours will make you wanna laugh at anything...)
we saw shamu first. loved it. really did cry during the show (i know, i know. but, y'all, it was so sweet!)
Picnik collage
the kids loved it. i think they finally felt like we were really at sea world. and maybe the fact that they had to ride five hours for a park that we were only gonna be at for three hours was really worth it...
Picnik collage
then we saw the dolphin/divers dressed as birds/bird show. i think ben thought we were in heaven. and of course we had to have our pics taken with the divers...such tourists (look how excited the security guards are that we were there in the front rows...)
Picnik collage
and adalyn and aves were literally bff4e.
they loved each other the whole time, and aves can get pretty moody when shes tired. and she was never tired of adalyn. we are planning their college dorm room already.
and we had to get everyone a whale, of course. i mean, we had a whale of a good time.
but, y'all, it keeps gettin better...
matt, (you remember)
didnt just get us free hotel rooms. he got us FREE rooms at the WESTIN with their credit card points.
unreal. we slept amazing. the kids woke up and we went to the pool with a slide,
a kiddie area
and free lunch! it was so much fun!
our back to school bash-super last minute was a success. and worth every minute. so much fun!!! (are yall so tired of these exclamation points?? i know...but it really was so fun...) so sad its over and just so glad we jumped in the car and did it.
thanks booths for going with us!!! we love yall and miss you already!!
shamu, see you next year.


Baby Booties

Ever since I found out about baby McKenna Leigh, I wanted to crochet or knit something. I did this blanket for linds
and i love the idea of a blanket, but i was totally inspired by these booties.
so i went with booties.
i used this tutorial and it was SO easy. I didnt even know how to do half of the stitches, but she is a great teacher and i feel like i learned a lot. and they only take 15 minutes!
im gonna try some more varieties since those were so easy. and i love the mary janes! so cute.


dora live!

Guess who came to Lubbock tonight?! Dora! We took Ella to the Dora live show and she loved everything about it!
Of course I was the cheesy mom who made my child go to the Dora show dressed just like Dora. (I know, I know) Ella was more than willing to participate in my crazy idea though and she looked so cute in her Dora outfit.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I cut out the backpack from purple fabric and did the eyes and mouth out of felt. I then sewed it all onto a pink shirt. I made the bracelet out of felt too. (that was Ella's fav part) She looked just like a mini Dora, even down to the yellow socks and Dora shoes.
Picnik collage
It was such a cute show and Ella's excitement was priceless. She had a blast!
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