Baby Booties

Ever since I found out about baby McKenna Leigh, I wanted to crochet or knit something. I did this blanket for linds
and i love the idea of a blanket, but i was totally inspired by these booties.
so i went with booties.
i used this tutorial and it was SO easy. I didnt even know how to do half of the stitches, but she is a great teacher and i feel like i learned a lot. and they only take 15 minutes!
im gonna try some more varieties since those were so easy. and i love the mary janes! so cute.

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Blair Wheeler said...

Hey Super MOM!! How is it that I just left you at 1 AM, I talked to you at 8 AM and you were leaving with six kids on a field trip and yet you have time to blog AND knit in your free time?? YOU ARE AMAZING. And I treasure every minute with your precious kids. Last night was such a treat!

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