good day:)

My mom is still in town so we took her to eat at our favorite breakfast place this morning. It's called Appletree and they have the best cinnamon rolls. Ella gets one every time. Anyways, on our way to breakfast we passed by an estate sale. The street was full of cars so we decided to go in and see if there was anything good. My eye immediately went to this cute little school desk. Its from the 1960's and was in very good condition and it was only 20 dollars! I might be a sucker but I thought that was a great deal so I had to get it.
Where will I put it? I have no idea. But someday I will have the perfect place for it:)

Then we went to the mall to show my mom just how exciting the lubbock mall can be. Well it turns out that today really was an exciting day at the mall, for me at least:) As we are sitting at Chickfila eating lunch this sweet girl came up to me and said she recognized me because she reads this blog! OMG! Are you serious?! I was kinda flipping out! I was so flattered. We don't ever know who all really reads our blog and it just made my day that someone we don't even know reads it and likes it enough to come up and tell me. It was the highlight of my day for sure! So thank you Kristi Jane (sorry if I got that wrong) for making my day!

We took Ella to feed the ducks tonight and then decided to fix a somewhat healthy dinner.
Having my mom in town means eating out a lot and we were actually craving something light and healthy for dinner.
I have made this recipe many times before and not only is it good but it's so easy and with no clean up! You just wrap it all up in foil, stick it in the oven and its ready to eat right from the foil. I got the recipe from the oh so fabulous Darby.

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the tichenor family said...

Oh my goodness! We got an almost IDENTICAL desk yesterday too. So funny, I was scrolling through your blog and did a double take! Ella is a doll, as always!

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