Sea World...because we can.

first off,
happy birthday to our gorgeous friend (and roommate for me, sister-in-law for allison) Aly!!
she is the kind of friend that you always want around-so fun, always up for a good time; always so kind to everyone and ready to meet new friends, become best friends with them, and introduce them to her friends; knows how to make everyone feel like they are her best friend; and always makes you want to be a better person. she is so fun and we are so thankful she is in both of our lives!! love you alyq22!
second of all,
her friend julianna threw her a fabulous party and i drove in from tyler on thursday night to come. i was so excited and aly and i decided that i would bring my kids and we would all spend the night at her house because her husband, matt, was out of town. as if that wasnt gonna be fun enough, i asked how long her husband would be out of town and when she said all weekend, i, jokingly, asked if we were all gonna go to sea world this weekend to pass the time while matt was gone...and aly, being the ready-for-anything girl she is, said YES! lets do it!! she was walking in to lunch with matt when the conversation started, she told him about it at lunch and by the time she called me back to tell me she was for real in after lunch, she got a conformation email from the hotel where matt had already booked us a room! i mean, for a good time call matt and aly booth!
so, y'all, we decided on wednesday and on friday we were at sea world with six kids and two moms! we drove five hours on fri, were at the park for three hours and came back noon on saturday!!
It was the best weekend of our lives!!!!!
we loaded up our 2 four year olds, three 2 year olds and a nine month old and started our drive to sea world at 10 on friday.
aves and adalyn were so excited!
(of course i had to make shirts...)
my kids fell asleep throughout the trip and lil lillian finally fell asleep when we pulled up to the sea world sign...
Picnik collage
and then the party started!
is that not the cutest baby you have ever seen??? she is so sweet and literally, never cried! she looks like this all the time. (and her name is leighton and avery has a good friend in tyler named katelyn so avery called leighton "katelyn" the whole time! it isnt funny writing it down right now, but for some reason it was hilarious at the time...just trust me. six kids and 10 car hours in less than 24 hours will make you wanna laugh at anything...)
we saw shamu first. loved it. really did cry during the show (i know, i know. but, y'all, it was so sweet!)
Picnik collage
the kids loved it. i think they finally felt like we were really at sea world. and maybe the fact that they had to ride five hours for a park that we were only gonna be at for three hours was really worth it...
Picnik collage
then we saw the dolphin/divers dressed as birds/bird show. i think ben thought we were in heaven. and of course we had to have our pics taken with the divers...such tourists (look how excited the security guards are that we were there in the front rows...)
Picnik collage
and adalyn and aves were literally bff4e.
they loved each other the whole time, and aves can get pretty moody when shes tired. and she was never tired of adalyn. we are planning their college dorm room already.
and we had to get everyone a whale, of course. i mean, we had a whale of a good time.
but, y'all, it keeps gettin better...
matt, (you remember)
didnt just get us free hotel rooms. he got us FREE rooms at the WESTIN with their credit card points.
unreal. we slept amazing. the kids woke up and we went to the pool with a slide,
a kiddie area
and free lunch! it was so much fun!
our back to school bash-super last minute was a success. and worth every minute. so much fun!!! (are yall so tired of these exclamation points?? i know...but it really was so fun...) so sad its over and just so glad we jumped in the car and did it.
thanks booths for going with us!!! we love yall and miss you already!!
shamu, see you next year.


Honey said...

Kathy and I were just talking about our Six Flags trips right before school started each year! What a fun way to end the summer. Those are 6 cutie pies! And 2 amazing Moms!

Blair Wheeler said...

I have been waiting to see this post and pictures!! What an incredible adventure that the kids and moms will remember forever. LOVE YALL.

Melanie said...

I am so glad that Sea World was a success! You and Aly have the most precious group of kids EVER!

Morgan Bender said...

Ah I miss you all!!! Super Super fun. Thrown together vaca's are the best! Looks like good times were had by all

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