Paper mache, soccer and old spice

Don't you guys all want to paint your front door yellow now?! Or even the green that Kristen had before the yellow?! I love them both and I am inspired to paint mine something fun. Maybe next week, when I will be kid free a few days a week! My girls start school next week and it's bittersweet. I am sad that summer is over but kind of ecstatic about having some me time. Going to the grocery store kid free makes me oh so happy.
We have had some fun with paper mache balloons this week. The project is still in the works, they are going to be pumpkins. If Hobby Lobby already has Christmas trees up, there is no shame about making pumpkins in August.
Ella started soccer practice this week!
She was so excited about it! I was so excited! Until we tried on her shine guards, socks and cleats last week. It was dramatic to say the least.
Ella is a girly girl and has an eye for fashion. Sometimes getting dressed takes 30 minutes because she changes clothes so many times. I love that she has her own style and enjoys putting outfits together but I always remind her that it's not about how we look on the outside but how beautiful our heart is on the inside. I understand that she is only 4 years old and it's ok that she wants to change dresses 10 times a day. But when she couldn't go kick the soccer ball in the front yard because her shorts looked funny with her shine guards and socks I was a little worried. Ella was so excited to show Bob her new soccer gear last week and as soon as he got home from work he put on his shine guards and cleats to practice with Ella. She was thrilled! Then she stood up and looked down at her legs and lost it. She switched shorts 3 times and then just laid on the floor in tears. Bob and I had no idea what to do. We tried to pep her up and encourage her but she couldn't get over it. After a long time of tears, talks and time outs, Bob took his gear off and we called it a day.
I never tried again with the soccer stuff until her first practice last night. I brought the cleats, socks and shine guards with us and didn't put them on till we got to practice. I was hoping that once she saw everyone else wearing them, she wouldn't think twice about it. She was such a great sport! I could tell as I was putting them on her that she was thinking twice but she didn't say a negative word about it. She walked on the field like she was a pro and did awesome! She loved it! I am so proud of her and can't wait for the first game.
I will leave you with my new favorite picture of McKenna.
Ahhh! That girl cracks me up!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


New Door & a few Links

yellow door
Just trying something new.  I kind of feel like the circus with the orange curtains and the yellow door, so I am going to have to change one of them...I just cant decide which one yet.
(Have y'all ever said a word over and over and then it kind of becomes not a word anymore?? Thats what I did with yellow while I was making this pic.  Looking at it and saying it- I asked ben and sass what yellow meant and if it was a real word.   Hahahah, I know.  What can I say?  But, really, say 'yellow' over and over and see what happens..  What? Nothing?  Nevermind. Me either.)
I just read this article on memory and memory loss and found it so interesting (this is not the article but I cant find it anywhere! this is just someone's synopsis.  Go buy Elle and read it guys.  It is so good)
Excited about this new record. I love HitRecord and just wish I had skills to collaborate.
Polka dot shorts!! I gotta do it!!
Just made this chicken pot pie on tuesday night and it was amazing.  like so so good.  and I really dont like chicken pot pie.  and there is cream cheese in the crust- how could i resist that. for real.
Loving these feathers.
I want to make this marquee letter.  So cool.
And these cake toppers.
Hope yall are having a great week so far- one more day until friday!! woo hoo!


First Day of School

First, when Jeff told me goodbye and asked if my alarm was set and I said yes and I was going to sleep for 10 more minutes I had not realized that my phone was dead and that I may end up sleeping for 30 more minutes...
car shot
So, our morning started off in a rush.
Not everyone was super excited to be up and at 'em that early.
sass and aves in pink
We dropped avery off first.  Luckily she had slept in her clothes and was ready for anything.
sassy and aves pink2
Someone who shall remain nameless (and faceless) refused the family-group-picture-before-school pic.
I didnt get any pics of her with her teacher, also, due to our tardiness, because all of the other parents were gone and the kids were doing their work...
We did, at least, beat the bell.
Then, Sawyer had to come home and change clothes.
porch shot
and ben was still not quite ready to be happy.
Sawyer's eyes are puffy because she had been crying on and off all morning about being in separate classes.  It just broke my heart.
After I screamed, yelled and bribed them with a dumb dumb, they took this pic.
Mom of the year already.
In the car, sassy was crying again and ben was talking about getting to play with the dinosaurs in his class that we had seen at meet the teacher.  He told sassy she could play with him, too, to which she only cried harder and told him they couldn't play together because she was in a different class.  It was like a lightbulb went off in his brain and he looked up at me and asked if that was true- if he could play with sawyer at school?  I told him that sassy was right, and that they were in different classes and he just hung his head down.
Poor separated at school twins! Ugh!
Luckily they got new backpacks from my friend james that they were so excited about.
walking in to little peoples
That seemed to ease the blow.
Once inside, we dropped Ben off at his class and sassy was in full sassy mode- she found the dinosaurs for him and told him a few friends that were in his class and that he could play with them.  She was very supportive and helpful.  Then, when we got to her class, she was the kid that the teachers had to pry from my grasp because she was crying so hard and would not let go.  It was so sad, but I knew she would do great.  Her teacher is a twin and was so sweet and understanding.  I know that this year is going to be great and that they are going to learn so much. (even though we have to all cry separately)
When I went to get them they were smiling from ear to ear and had had a great day.
Praise the Lord.
Then, when we went to get aves it started pouring down rain.  Like clouds appeared from heaven, turned black and just drenched us.  Like to our underwear. Due to this abrupt inclement weather, there was no where to park but bfe, so we all had to walk in the rain forever to get her and once I found her class she wasnt with them and the teacher didnt know where she was and we had to find her.
Needless to say, it was a long day.
Thanks to blair for having the most perfect gift right on time when they got home.
(notice how dry averys hair was because she got to put her backpack over her head.  Some of us were not so lucky)
present from blair
Overall, we made it.  First day down, like 200 more to go.


Polka Dot Jeans

Instead of just sitting here wondering what the kids are doing all day on their first day or whining in a dramatic blogpost that is for no one but me and drags on and on, I thought I would relieve everyone and just put up the polka dot pants that I did last week.  I saw them here and just fell in love with them. (Nevermind that she is like a model and my legs rub together all the way down and hers dont even touch.  sigh. but at least they were super easy.)
Now that I have done them, I do love them, but I feel like I want to try so many other ways.  When I did the white I did so many dots and then spaced them out when I did the red to see which I like better.  I think they are just different, I dont know. I saw this tutorial for a tote and she used an eraser as a stamp, and I think that size would be a cute dot and you could do a lot of them.  like these.
and the red ones are from Wal Mart and arent exactly skinny (even though they say skinny) so, I may have to use this tutorial to make them more wearable.
Hope everyone is having a great monday!


Meet the Teacher

We went to meet the kids teacher this last week before school starts monday and it had its ups and downs.  Avery did not want the cheesy candy present that I thought would be a great idea and wanted to pick out her own gift.
She loved this mug and plate at target and I had to make it cheesy anyway.
I know she is going to love having me as a mom...
Here we come first grade!
The twins was a lot harder.
They went great with my cheesy gift, but this year they are in separate classes.  I know that its really not a big deal, but it feels that way right now.  They are literally never apart and now they have to be apart in a classroom that they aren't familiar with.  They are truly each other's best friends.  Sawyer is the one who is has it together- she tells ben what to do if he forgets and helps him do his work.  He is more of a people pleaser and sometimes has a hard time asking a teacher to repeat a question or figure out what he was supposed to do before he saw a T rex.  He is much more social, though.  I think he gives her confidence to be more of herself.  I just think that is the coolest thing ever.  Having a best friend that shares all of your memories and isn't going anywhere??! That has got to be the best thing ever.  I just can't even imagine being a twin and I am jealous.  
I know that this year can really only bring good things- growing separately will make them so much more independent and confident in themselves.  They will make their own friends and come into their own.  And love being together when they get home from school.
I just wish there was another way :)



Have you guys heard of the app Red Stamp? 
Our friend Celeste just told us about it and I am having way too much fun with it.
Told ya so.
Celeste is a kindergarten teacher and printed off notecards for her class using Red Stamp. She said they are fabulous. I haven't printed anything yet but need to make some kind of invite for McKenna's LONG overdue ponytail party! 
McKenna has become so much more independent this last month and I love seeing her personality shine. She is full of so much joy and just loves life. She is constantly cracking us up. Love that kid.
She has the best CHEEZE face and is always ready for a picture.
She loves hanging out with the big kids and doing whatever Ella does. Even if it's a GAK tea party.
Hope everyone is having a great week!


Polka Dot Shirt

I saw my gorgeous friend Carrie wearing the cutest polka dot shirt and I just could not get it out of my head.  It is prob bc she is tall and beautiful like a model, but, whatever, I was sure part of it was the shirt.
So, last week I finally got my crafting groove back a little.
(Not that this project was hard at all.  I am sure yall dont even need a tutorial but heres one anyway.)
Then I just saw Nat in it too!
Just couldn't be more excited I don't think.
Go make yourselves one.  It's just so easy. And make a mini size too. Let me know how that goes. I think aves and sassy need one.
PicMonkey Collage
(Nat and Carrie. The shirt didnt exactly get me that amazing profile or long legs, but it was at least easy to make.)


creative crime scene

We had so much fun with some body outlines today!
Our sweet friends Ehtan and Harper came over and everyone made a double of themselves. I bought some white butcher paper from the teacher supple store and traced everyone's body outline. 
We then spent the day decorating them with crayons, markers, fabric, felt, buttons, yarn, ribbons, sequins and goggly eyes galore.
Ella and I did this the other night so she was seeing triple of herself. Here is the original Ella.
Applying red lipstick was Ella and Harper's favorite part. It smeared pretty bad so once the lips were done I covered them with a piece of packing tape.
Everything is held on with glue sticks. I was surprised at how well it did with the fabric and felt.
You probably can't tell the difference between the real and hand drawn. So realistic. 


Glittafied Fake Keds

When I saw this tutorial on lil blue boo I knew we had to do it.  We, unfortunately do not have any old shoes that are just old and worn out- they are usually old and not used only because they are too small.  When I showed sawyer this tutorial, she got so excited that she followed me around my in laws house on sunday asking to go to wal mart to get shoes to glittafy.  (Is that right? or glitterfy? Or glitteryfied? I dont know.  I dont write the dictionary.  It is definitely a word though.  One of them at least.  I know it.)  Like all. day. long.  Hanging her head on my shoulder with the crazy pouty eyes of a baby basset hound mixed with a sick kitten.  Ridiculous. The girl gets points for being persistent.
So, we went to wal mart and unfortunately they only had black fah keds.  I should have gone somewhere to find white, but I was lazy.  So, we taped off the soles, did a little painting on top, then we mixed 2 parts modge podge to 1 part glitter (and added a little water) and brushed it all over.
I came in and did a lot more coats behind their back and they dried in the car on the way home (and for some reason avery's look like they have a little gold on them in the pic but they were actually all as hot pink as could be).
Huge hit at our house.  And suuuuupppper easy.
I wanted to dye the shoe strings but havent gotten to it yet.
Lil blue boo knows what she is doing.  I just love her. Hers are of course Toms so they are much cooler.  But what kid wants toms when she could have a wal mart fake ked homemade glittafied pair?


new and improved GAK

Making GAK is a pretty common thing at Kristen and I's house. A few months ago Jeff came up with a genius new way to make GAK. All the ingredients are the same, just a little trick that makes it easier and a little more mess free.
You mix together 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of Borax and set aside. 
In an air tight container (a large mouth nalgene bottle works perfect) pour in a bottle of elmers glue (4oz), 1/2 cup of water and food coloring. 
Close container and give it a good shake. 
Next pour in the water and borax mixture you have set aside. 
Now it's time to really get shaking. You will shake until the GAK forms. It takes a few minutes of good shaking and having a princess and superhero on hand helps too.
When it's done, there should be no runny liquid left over. That was always a problem for me in the original recipe where everything was stirred. DSC_2301
We made an orange batch and a pink batch that then became one:)
Happy GAK making everyone! 
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