Polka Dot Jeans

Instead of just sitting here wondering what the kids are doing all day on their first day or whining in a dramatic blogpost that is for no one but me and drags on and on, I thought I would relieve everyone and just put up the polka dot pants that I did last week.  I saw them here and just fell in love with them. (Nevermind that she is like a model and my legs rub together all the way down and hers dont even touch.  sigh. but at least they were super easy.)
Now that I have done them, I do love them, but I feel like I want to try so many other ways.  When I did the white I did so many dots and then spaced them out when I did the red to see which I like better.  I think they are just different, I dont know. I saw this tutorial for a tote and she used an eraser as a stamp, and I think that size would be a cute dot and you could do a lot of them.  like these.
and the red ones are from Wal Mart and arent exactly skinny (even though they say skinny) so, I may have to use this tutorial to make them more wearable.
Hope everyone is having a great monday!

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