Meet the Teacher

We went to meet the kids teacher this last week before school starts monday and it had its ups and downs.  Avery did not want the cheesy candy present that I thought would be a great idea and wanted to pick out her own gift.
She loved this mug and plate at target and I had to make it cheesy anyway.
I know she is going to love having me as a mom...
Here we come first grade!
The twins was a lot harder.
They went great with my cheesy gift, but this year they are in separate classes.  I know that its really not a big deal, but it feels that way right now.  They are literally never apart and now they have to be apart in a classroom that they aren't familiar with.  They are truly each other's best friends.  Sawyer is the one who is has it together- she tells ben what to do if he forgets and helps him do his work.  He is more of a people pleaser and sometimes has a hard time asking a teacher to repeat a question or figure out what he was supposed to do before he saw a T rex.  He is much more social, though.  I think he gives her confidence to be more of herself.  I just think that is the coolest thing ever.  Having a best friend that shares all of your memories and isn't going anywhere??! That has got to be the best thing ever.  I just can't even imagine being a twin and I am jealous.  
I know that this year can really only bring good things- growing separately will make them so much more independent and confident in themselves.  They will make their own friends and come into their own.  And love being together when they get home from school.
I just wish there was another way :)

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Misty said...

love the gifts! so cute! Your kids are so darling.

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