First Day of School

First, when Jeff told me goodbye and asked if my alarm was set and I said yes and I was going to sleep for 10 more minutes I had not realized that my phone was dead and that I may end up sleeping for 30 more minutes...
car shot
So, our morning started off in a rush.
Not everyone was super excited to be up and at 'em that early.
sass and aves in pink
We dropped avery off first.  Luckily she had slept in her clothes and was ready for anything.
sassy and aves pink2
Someone who shall remain nameless (and faceless) refused the family-group-picture-before-school pic.
I didnt get any pics of her with her teacher, also, due to our tardiness, because all of the other parents were gone and the kids were doing their work...
We did, at least, beat the bell.
Then, Sawyer had to come home and change clothes.
porch shot
and ben was still not quite ready to be happy.
Sawyer's eyes are puffy because she had been crying on and off all morning about being in separate classes.  It just broke my heart.
After I screamed, yelled and bribed them with a dumb dumb, they took this pic.
Mom of the year already.
In the car, sassy was crying again and ben was talking about getting to play with the dinosaurs in his class that we had seen at meet the teacher.  He told sassy she could play with him, too, to which she only cried harder and told him they couldn't play together because she was in a different class.  It was like a lightbulb went off in his brain and he looked up at me and asked if that was true- if he could play with sawyer at school?  I told him that sassy was right, and that they were in different classes and he just hung his head down.
Poor separated at school twins! Ugh!
Luckily they got new backpacks from my friend james that they were so excited about.
walking in to little peoples
That seemed to ease the blow.
Once inside, we dropped Ben off at his class and sassy was in full sassy mode- she found the dinosaurs for him and told him a few friends that were in his class and that he could play with them.  She was very supportive and helpful.  Then, when we got to her class, she was the kid that the teachers had to pry from my grasp because she was crying so hard and would not let go.  It was so sad, but I knew she would do great.  Her teacher is a twin and was so sweet and understanding.  I know that this year is going to be great and that they are going to learn so much. (even though we have to all cry separately)
When I went to get them they were smiling from ear to ear and had had a great day.
Praise the Lord.
Then, when we went to get aves it started pouring down rain.  Like clouds appeared from heaven, turned black and just drenched us.  Like to our underwear. Due to this abrupt inclement weather, there was no where to park but bfe, so we all had to walk in the rain forever to get her and once I found her class she wasnt with them and the teacher didnt know where she was and we had to find her.
Needless to say, it was a long day.
Thanks to blair for having the most perfect gift right on time when they got home.
(notice how dry averys hair was because she got to put her backpack over her head.  Some of us were not so lucky)
present from blair
Overall, we made it.  First day down, like 200 more to go.


Misty said...

aw! I love every single picture & I am on the verge of tears for your sweet twins! Ben's backpack is the bomb.com I've never seen one like that & I think I need one for myself! ha! Is that a SONIC drink in the car after the monsoon? Masyn loves to sit and 'read' this blog with me & she said, "I want a flushie from sonic~ a chwerry one' lol still loving that green front door!

Carrie said...

I would just like to thank you for still using the expression "bfe." perfect. :)

Celeste said...

Not that I'm counting, but there are 184 days left. :) Breaks my heart for the twins.

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