Welcome to the club!

Our best friend Lindsay finally decided to join the cool club. Today she turns 30!
We just love you so much Linds and can't believe we are all 30! Wasn't it just yesterday we were all begging one of our moms to take us wrapping so we could roll Stephen Polk's house?!
Or deciding on who's backyard to camp out in on a school night?!
You truly are the most amazing friend. So unselfish, loyal, joyful and always up for anything. Your love for God shines through and you are such a blessing to everyone around you. You are the most amazing mom and we learn so much from you. Our friendship is so special and we wouldn't be the same without you. You are the definition of perfection. For real. You don't even know it and would deny it if told, but you really are. The absolute best friend and we love you so so much! 
linds and tytyDSC_7240DSC_2055IMG_1119
We wouldn't want to spend our thirties with anyone else and we can't wait to see what they hold! Happy 30th Linds! 


Lifethrualinds said...

Awe....I love this post. Thanks so much for the birthday love and for celebrating with me this weekend. I love y'all to pieces! So excited for many more birthdays and memories to come.

Nina said...

Yay Linds welcome to the club!!

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