goodbye casa grande (again)

Remember Casa Grande?
It was a dream and some of the best memories!
We moved out of Casa Grande a little over a year ago. Chris (aka Uncle Jesse) moved out this last April and as of last Saturday, Brittany and Jordan are now moved out. So bittersweet when real life takes you to new places. Jordan will be going to Harvard Business School for the next 2 years so they moved to Boston! So crazy and exciting!
Bob, Ella, McKenna and I went to Lubbock right before Chris moved out. We loved getting to see everyone again. When Kristen and I flew to Lubbock a few weeks ago for Celeste's surprise party, I got to see Brittany, Jordan and Cooper for a bit and it was so great. It just wasn't enough though. I wanted to be there in the house just one more time. SO…the girls and I took a road trip to Lubbock this last Tuesday and surprised Brittany! It was just perfect!
Of course matching shirts had to come with the surprise.
I dyed white shirts using RIT Sunshine Orange dye and my silhouette to make the image. I printed the image onto some adhesive vinyl and then just stuck it onto the shirts and painted away.
The polar bear was a very big part of the surprise so he couldn't go without a shirt too.
Years ago, my sweet grandmother bought me this polar bear for a Christmas decoration. It is hugging a tree that has lights all over it. When we lived in Casa Grande during Christmas I thought it was more than appropriate to bring out the bear. Well, it became a huge house joke. To some people's eye it looks more like the polar bear is humping the tree instead of hugging it. So for the 6 months that we lived in the house, that bear made surprise appearances on a regular basis. Some days it would surprise Chris in the shower, under someones covers, in the seat of Brittany's car. You just never knew who had the bear or where it would pop up next. Last summer Amy was passing through and my doorbell rang one night. When I opened the door, there stood the bear. I was cracking up! Brittany had gotten me good.
It only made sense that the bear be the one to surprise Brittany. I put the bear on Brittany's porch, rang the doorbell and we hid behind the wall. Amy knew we were coming and helped me with the surprise details. Brittany laughed so hard when she opened the door and screamed when she read the shirt. We all popped out and the screaming carried on. It was the best!
Ella was beyond excited to surprise Brittany. I had told her the night before we left that I would be waking her up so early that it would still be dark outside. 3:30 am, Ella comes crawling into my bed asking if it was time to go to Brittany's yet. She was so excited she couldn't even sleep. We left at 6am and got to Lubbock around noonish. I was a little nervous about being in the car by myself with both girls for so long but they couldn't have done better!
The bear was a hit all weekend with McKenna and Cooper.
PicMonkey Collage
We packed a few boxes,
but mostly just hung out and played!
Getting to see Amy this time too was just icing on the cake! I love these girls so much and couldn't have asked for a better last weekend in Lubbock.
Who goes to Lubbock without flying a kite?!
It makes me so sad that I didn't get any pics with Jordan! We will just have to make up for that when we come visit in Boston! 

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Misty said...

so sweet & FUNNY!!! Masyn loves to look at your blog with me & the first thing she noticed was the band aid on Ella's finger. She asked if it's Dora, Kermit, or a princess.... lol.

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