Glittafied Fake Keds

When I saw this tutorial on lil blue boo I knew we had to do it.  We, unfortunately do not have any old shoes that are just old and worn out- they are usually old and not used only because they are too small.  When I showed sawyer this tutorial, she got so excited that she followed me around my in laws house on sunday asking to go to wal mart to get shoes to glittafy.  (Is that right? or glitterfy? Or glitteryfied? I dont know.  I dont write the dictionary.  It is definitely a word though.  One of them at least.  I know it.)  Like all. day. long.  Hanging her head on my shoulder with the crazy pouty eyes of a baby basset hound mixed with a sick kitten.  Ridiculous. The girl gets points for being persistent.
So, we went to wal mart and unfortunately they only had black fah keds.  I should have gone somewhere to find white, but I was lazy.  So, we taped off the soles, did a little painting on top, then we mixed 2 parts modge podge to 1 part glitter (and added a little water) and brushed it all over.
I came in and did a lot more coats behind their back and they dried in the car on the way home (and for some reason avery's look like they have a little gold on them in the pic but they were actually all as hot pink as could be).
Huge hit at our house.  And suuuuupppper easy.
I wanted to dye the shoe strings but havent gotten to it yet.
Lil blue boo knows what she is doing.  I just love her. Hers are of course Toms so they are much cooler.  But what kid wants toms when she could have a wal mart fake ked homemade glittafied pair?


Keeping Calm to Carry On said...

Are they stiff & crunchy after the modge podge?

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

I've been wanting to do these too! But like you guys our shoes are just too small.. not worn out.
What kind of glitter did you use?

Lifethrualinds said...

Love this!! I saw it on LBB and totally wanted to do it too! Y'all are too cute. And how cute is Avery posing in her picture!?!

kristen said...

yes! they were a little stiff with the modge podge. I think they will be better once they are worn more, but they definitely need socks with them!

Anonymous said...

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