Easter Party!

The girls had their school Easter party today and they were both so  excited   EGG-cited! I made them bunny shirts last night and had them laid out with a cute little Easter skirt. Of course Ella insisted on wearing her target jeggings with paint stains on them, which then led to McKenna wanting to wear her matching pants too. Oh well, at least they still loved the homemade shirts!
For the teacher's treat I took an egg carton from the grocery store and peeled the sticker off. I saw this cute label on pinterest but couldn't get it to fit my egg carton so I just designed the same look on my silhouette and then printed it off. You can go here for her free printable. Wish I knew how to make mine into a free printable for ya. 
Each egg was filled with yummy Easter treats.
For McKenna's class I was in charge of dessert. I made rice crispy treats into birds nests and filled each one with some chocolate robins eggs. I used a cupcake pan to mold each one into a nest like shape.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Egg-cellent Lunch Fun!

With Easter right around the corner, we have been having some fun with eggs over here. Last year we hunted lunch in the backyard more than once. It was a huge hit with the girls. This year we did it again but at the park with a group of friends. It was so fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. 
Each mom filled some eggs with their own child's lunch and labeled each egg with child's initial. The kids had so much fun filling their baskets up!
Once we sat down to eat, we just matched each egg to the correct kid. They loved opening the eggs to see what was for lunch.

Today I made the girls an egg shaped sandwich that I painted with food coloring. You just mix about a tablespoon of milk with one drop of food coloring. Use a q-tip to paint on your bread.
Then put the bread in the toaster, this helps it not be so soggy.
So fun! 
Hope everyone is having an egg-cellent week!

Spring Break recap

 The girls and I had fun visiting family and friends over spring break! We went to my parents house first and got to see Mamaw. She still goes back and forth between really bad days and good days. We were so happy to see her on a good day. She even had the energy to give the girls a ride to CVS in her wheel chair. She loves to buy them lots of candy and little toys from CVS and then we take it back to her room and play. Such fun memories. 
Anna came over one night to give McKenna a little trim. It was pretty funny. McKenna couldn't decide if she wanted to do it at first and then every time Anna would make a cut, she would turn around to look at her. We had to tell McKenna to make funny faces at JoJo so she would hold still. Ella even tried to help keep her facing forward. So fun having a stylish sister that cuts hair!
My mom and I took the girls to the Perot museum in Dallas and it was so cool! Ella flew like a bird in 3D glasses and kicked a soccer ball to compare her skills to a pro.
We took the girls to Northpark mall one day to get their picture made with the Easter bunny. I was thinking it would be the Easter bunny like we have at our mall. You know, the one dressed in a bunny suit and you sit on their lap? Well, Dallas steps it up a notch and there was no costume bunny. They had real live bunnies you hold for the picture! I was cracking up and the girls were so excited! McKenna was on board until the very last second so it ended up just being Ella in the pic.
Kristen and the kids were in town so all the kids got to play at Lindsay's one day. It was so fun and I just love when they all get together! Sweet sweet friends.
Kristen and I went to put our kids to bed at our parents house that night and then headed back over to Lindsay's to help with party prep for Kinley's birthday party coming up this weekend. It was such a fun night filled with crafting, eating bags of chips and talking till 2am! 

We headed to my in-laws house next and got to celebrate Bob's grandpa's 80th birthday. It was a surprise party and Bob was so sad he had to miss it. I am so glad that we got to be there though, it was so fun seeing family we rarely see and getting all the cousins together is always the best!
Here is a very blurry pic of an attempted picture with Grandpa.
We put together this picture frame for his birthday of all his great grandkids. At least it is more in focus:)
After church we ended the weekend with some cousin cuddling and then headed back home.
Nothing says spring break road trip like a big bag of Funyuns!
Happy Spring everyone!



My house will forever be sprinkled in glitter. No matter how many times I vacuum the carpet I still see a sparkle somewhere. It makes me smile though, I like living in a house that shines:)
Ella's party was at a gymnastics gym so trying to make her Glitter, Sparkle & Shine theme stand out was a little tricky. They book parties back to back with no turn around time so you only have about 20 minutes to even get stuff set up. I couldn't have done it without help from my wonderful family and friends! I was in a full sweat by the time the party started but we Glittered, Sparkled & Shined into the night! It was such a fun party and the kids had an absolute blast! Ella was in heaven! As we set everything up Kristen, Lindsay and all the kids played in the grass outside. My dad got some precious pictures! 
I made shirts that all had a different Glitter, Sparkle & Shine saying on them.
photo copy 11
I focused on the favor table since there wasn't really any room to decorate. I used the awesome backdrop that Bob built for Anna and Tyler's engagement party and covered it with all glitter dots. I love the huge round balloons, they were so fun! I ordered them from Amazon and was shocked at how big they really got. I only had them blown up to 24 inches but they go to 36 inches! Crazy!
I ordered the party favor bags from Paper Mart. I ordered glitter notepads from oriental trading company and got the glitter pens from Michael's. The rock candy came from here and the sparkly tooth brushes from here. The mini flashlights also came from oriental trading company. I had used those for Ella's tiny two party and they are always a favorite. 
My mom ordered the cake from Legacy Cakes and it was so cute! The S in Sparkle had fallen off when I took this pic. We served pizza and popcorn and the kids loved it all. The Jalapeno Ranch gets me every time. It is SO so good. I can't stop eating it. I won't stop. The popcorn came from Le Popcorn in Southlake.
The kids went from bounce house, to trampoline, to foam pit, to rope swing to bungee jump. It was non stop fun with 37 kids! 
PicMonkey CollageDSC_1969DSC_1965DSC_2002
My new video project10IMG_8265IMG_8262DSC_2034
Kristen and I had too much fun on the trampoline! Look at that form on our wannabe toe touches! I don't understand why we never made cheerleader. (or anything else you could possibly try out for)
My new video project1My new video project6My new video project4My new video project3My new video project9
Everything was perfect! (well except for the fact that sweet Kinley chipped her tooth while jumping in the foam pit and ended up having to get it pulled! ugh! I just hate that! She was such a trooper though!) The night ended with the best slumber party ever! Kristen, Lindsay and all the kids stayed the night! Ella, Avery, Ben, Sassy and Kinley all slept in Ella and McKenna's room. Ty slept in the playroom and McKenna in our bathroom. The kids just giggled and played musical beds till about 10:30. Of course Ella was the last one to sleep and Ben the first. 
We stayed up late talking and just about finishing off a 2 gallon jar of Jalapeno Ranch popcorn. Best night ever!
Thank you to everyone that made Ella's party so so special!
My new video project11
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