Egg-cellent Lunch Fun!

With Easter right around the corner, we have been having some fun with eggs over here. Last year we hunted lunch in the backyard more than once. It was a huge hit with the girls. This year we did it again but at the park with a group of friends. It was so fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. 
Each mom filled some eggs with their own child's lunch and labeled each egg with child's initial. The kids had so much fun filling their baskets up!
Once we sat down to eat, we just matched each egg to the correct kid. They loved opening the eggs to see what was for lunch.

Today I made the girls an egg shaped sandwich that I painted with food coloring. You just mix about a tablespoon of milk with one drop of food coloring. Use a q-tip to paint on your bread.
Then put the bread in the toaster, this helps it not be so soggy.
So fun! 
Hope everyone is having an egg-cellent week!

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