Wednesday Links and way too many self portraits of me

I planned on this going out on friday but did not really get it together until today.
So, here's too much information about me via self portraits.
PicMonkey Collage
I have been obsessed with wool and the gang for a while but I just cant justify buying more yarn when I have so much.  I love this collar, though.  So I kind of just looked at it as closely as possible, googled it, saw every pic I could online and made it.  It is def not perfect, but I like it.  So, I made it again in wheat. 
(oh, and I went brunette last week on a whim.)
(and why can't you I ever do my hair like the professionals.  I tried not to shower so I could just keep it like she had it but even when I didnt shower, my professional hair only lasted for like a minute.  And ok, I didnt have to try not to shower.  and I wear this men's flannel everyday.  and my hand is a claw in every dorky self photo.  ugh.)

On the copying note, I did the same thing with this headband after I saw Jennifer's.

Airhead cups?? Genius.

and this Tie Clip is fantastic too.

DIY Temporary tattoos.  and tattooed eggs.

St. Patrick's Day poppers.  SO cute.

Happy Spring Break! Here's to everyone sleeping late in the morning, getting to take their grown up kids to mcdonalds and to get ice cream in the middle of the day.  Woo hoo!


Britt Fisk said...

You are gorgeous! And, I LOVE the dark hair. And your new creations?!?! You amaze me. I need lessons on being Kristen :)

Teresa Halminton said...

So pretty!
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