Bleached Bandanas, Hawaiian Falls with Minnie and HBD Presley!

 We copied House of Lars and bleached some bandanas the other day and it was so much fun!
Most of my blues completely bleached out.  We ended up also dyeing our hand towels a denim color and that is what I used for the pics.  I dont know why but if there was any blue in them they turned brown or just white?  They are a little stiff so I am trying to put them in fabric softener so they will loosen up.  
And here are my trusty helpers :)
On eclipse day I figured no one would be at Hawaiian Falls, and I was right.  (High Five, me!)  I actually wanted to do Six Flags, but I scaled down my ambitions when I really thought about how tired we were at the end of summer and just my sanity level right before school starts.  Turns out Hawaiian Falls was a good choice.
We got to see the eclipse thanks to the glasses from Jan and Bob and the box they made for us and we got to ride rides and swim all day.  Win-Win.

 Then we ended the summer celebrating our favorite one year old!! 
We love you so much Presley!! 



Jeff's cousins came in from Michigan to go to the Michigan game at Cowboys Stadium and it was so much fun.  SO MUCH FUN.  We swam, we took them downtown, we ate, drank, laughed, knitted, played games and just hung out.  The kids were obsessed with each other and we were all so sad when it was over!

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