snow day/sew day!

We had a snow/sew day today! You never know what your gonna get with the weather in Lubbock these days and today we got snow! It was such a fun day. Ella played in the snow and I sewed some of those fabulous elastic waist skirts that Kristen made the other night. They really are so easy to make.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
The teal and white stripe skirt was Ella's favorite. The second I put it on her she spun round and round till she couldn't walk straight.
Picnik collage


props to anna

Sing song was this last weekend at ACU so Ella and me went to Abilene on Saturday.
Anna was a prop girl for Kojies and they did so good.

That backdrop wouldn't be standing there so good if it wasn't for Anna holding it from behind! Way to go Anna!
Ella showed her support by wearing this shirt that I made her.
We love Prop Girl Anna!


elastic waist skirts

so, i had a productive day for the first time in like, i dont know, years. i woke up, worked out (if you call bouncing around to the same tae bo dvd that ive used for the last twelve years a workout), we went to church, and i made these elastic waist skirts. insanity. dont be fooled, however, they are super easy and i am in no way a perfectionist so they are not good, but they were super fun. as you can tell. i made a million. i just couldnt stop. i used these instructions and it was so easy (she tells you exactly how to do everything. she really makes it sooo easy). (and i just found these for a little one. and with hearts!! i love it!!) i want to use the same pattern for easter skirts with ben a matching tie with the seersucker... and then allison told me she found wider elastic and i loved that so i had to try one with that.
Picnik collage
more elastic skirts
and aves wanted to wear a pink shirt and sass wanted white so, there ya go. there was no real outfit creating or hair brushing but they are smiling so thats good. i used this cute cordoroy that linds and al got me for my bday and fabric from shannon for mine (i maybe wont be wearing it with this shirt but it worked for the photo shoot).
aves snow day
then aves found some rainbow fabric that i had and insisted that i make her a rainbow skirt. and then i saw the little girl tutorial (how stinkin cute is that skirt!! and i love the pockets. and that little model... so cute) on freshly picked and added heart pockets. and then she had to wear the heart shirt. of course.
Picnik collage


flower children

our day started out like this...
the tiller was way too heavy for jeff to lift on his own so, he rigged up his own way to get it down and back into his truck using his own pulley system...it was hilarious but it worked!!
then we started planting flowers in the front of the house so it will sell better. the babies loved it. i was doing it myself at first but they wanted to get in on the action. i have never done anything creative with anything outside (flowers, landscaping, etc) so i have no idea what im doing. im sure you can do really cool stuff and i want to learn, but for now i am restricting to creativity via craftiness that deals with sewing machines, crochet hooks and hot glue guns.
Picnik collage
then, naturally, it was time for popsicles
Picnik collage


Viva Las Vegas!!!

so, we went to vegas this weekend!! AAAhhhhh!!!
thats pretty much what we said the whole weekend. we screamed, even when we won five dollars. it was so much fun! lindsay and ben, both my brothers and sisters in law, my cousin and his wife tiffany, lindsay's cousin and his wife, al, bob, jeff and i gambled our lives away, stayed up til dawn (though you cant tell because they dont have clocks or windows- fantastic!), walked the strip up and down til we were sore all over, saw everything there is to see in vegas, and maybe went to a little show by a guy that we kinda like.
we stayed at the wynn and i really can not say enough about how gorgeous it was and how incredibly nice everyone was. it was def my favorite hotel there (and i hope we can stay there again. i mean, hello, celine dion comes back in 2011...)
the view was incredible from our room.
we loved the penny slots, war, roulette and al won 160 bucks the first night and we bought outfits with it the next day!! sooo fun. love ceasars mall. amazing.
jeff cracks me up! he loved it and i was over playing slots at one point, and i didnt know where he was so i turned around and almost peed my pants because he was def getting a massage from a random lady while playing roulette!!! and he never flinched when we took his picture or told him we were going a different hotel. he was in a happy place.
then saturday we gambled, walked to so many other casinos and hotels and then took a little break
after a short rest we had dinner at tao. amazing.
tao in vegas
the food was to die for, saki bombs all around, and more gambling after. we werent always winners, but it was just so fun to all be together and playing and laughing. just. love. vegas.

aint goin down til the sun comes up

so, where do i start???
for christmas my mom knew of my obsession with garth brooks and was so incredible to get me a ticket to the show in vegas that i def told her about a million times (cause, you know, a dream is like a river) linds and al got tickets too and my cousin christopher and tiff.
lets start by saying a little bit about our man garth. (he's sun and rain- hes fire and ice; a little crazy but its nice) garth is so amazing that he only wanted the tickets to cost 143 bucks for every seat, from the front to the back. he knew that some of his fans couldnt afford to come to vegas, pay for plane tickets and pay 1000 dollars for concert tickets. (apparently beyonce had a similar gig and she charged like 500-1000 dollars a ticket.) so, because he wanted to keep it cheap, he made a rule on the ticket that they can not be resold for more than 143 dollars and you can only buy them in groups of 6.
we didnt know that when we got the tickets and they were sold out before we could buy them. so we got them from a broker online for more than $143. we didnt know that it was illegal but we did know that it was pretty hard to get in touch with the guys that we bought the tickets from. we could never get a last name or a cell phone number and they were pretty bad about calling right back...
so, all that said, *tom, a coworker of the guy who sold us the tickets called about 4 on sunday for us to go with him to get our tickets. we all had to be there to pick them up with our IDs and we talked to him for a while outside while he tried to memorize our names and things like that. he was nice but once we went to get the tickets he was very quiet and distant. it was taking a while to get the tickets and we thought it was pretty weird. then they asked to talk to him alone. then security escorted him outside and down the hall. then they took us outside and told us they needed to ask us more questions and we went downstairs to the bottom of the hotel very oceans 11 style. it was NUTS. (we were def not standing outside the fire)
we were so thrown off and did not know why all this was going on.
it started to get crazier when they brought us paper to write out our statements and the sheriff and more police and security showed up.
at this point, i just knew that we werent gonna get to go to the concert and that we had been ripped off. we were kinda all in tears.
then the VP of security showed up, james is his name (we LOVE him) and took us upstairs.
he told us that we had been ripped off and that they hoped that they would be able to get tickets for us from somewhere but that the people who sold us the tickets were scammers.
the wynn people found all of this out because the night before the same brokers that sold us our tickets had sold tickets to people for the saturday night show. they had only wanted two tickets and our brokers made them buy three. then when it came time for the concert the brokers would not let the people have the third ticket that they had been forced to buy. this made them mad and they got into a fight in the lobby (face to face). security arrested the brokers and searched their rooms. they found drugs, all kinds of crazy things and a list with our names on it and *tom, the guy who brought us the tickets, on sunday.
so, when we showed up with *tom to pick up the tickets at will call, his name was flagged, as well as ours, and they had just been waiting for us to show up.
when we were in james's office he was so kind. he felt so bad for us because we couldnt go to the concert and we kept crying and laughing and talking about the infamous shirts we had made and we had also paid more money than we should have and got major ripped off. we were detained in his office and then i went with the detectives and gave them my statement (for all of us really. a lot like a lonesome dove) for about three hours. inspite of the craziness of the afternoon it was so much fun and the biggest adrenaline rush ever!!
and then they told us the best news ever.
we were still gonna get to go to the concert!!!
we were so grateful and ecstatic. then they comped us a meal before the concert and bought us drinks. (i mean, bring us two pina colodas!) unbelievable. then james escorted us into the concert area and we didnt have to wait in line at all. we were split up at the actual concert and almost in the last row, but because it was such a small room it was not that far away.
since we are total geeks about our shirts we rushed to put them on after dinner (but we didnt have time to shower so excuse my crazy hair). we had made a shirt for tom because we thought he was going to the concert with us but since he screwed us we gave the shirt to james. (he was super sweet about a homemade screen printed shirt when he works directly under steve wynn).
and it gets even better.
we had to sit pretty high up but we were just so excited to be there and be done with the drama and still be getting to see garth. we didnt get to sit by christopher and tiff but al and linds and i got to sit together.
the concert was amazing. just him and his guitar. and a hoodie and a baseball cap. un be lieve able. truly. we cried multiple times, the girl next to me kept her tissue out at all times and i think cried the whole time. everyone sang so loud. it was perfect.
then he ended it with piano man by billy joel. i mean, c'mon. not even ending with your own song??? we of course werent ready for it to be over at all so even though the lights came on and people left and tanya tucker songs were being played we screamed 'encore' and went crazy from our balcony seats. he eventually came back out and the crowd that had stayed went wild. he sang for an hour more after that. and in the middle of all of this our and our screaming, he yells up to us (because we were so loud and jumping up and down so much) and asks allison what her name was!! so we all yelled back and he asked where we were from and we yelled "texas!" and then told him we made shirts for him (we are soooo obnoxious about our shirts!!) and he asked us what we wanted to hear and we said "shameless". he said he couldnt do shameless because he cant play it on his guitar. but he did it guys. acappella. unreal. it was unreal! then he made the symbol of our logo/crossed his heart and held up three fingers to us!! we could have literally died in that moment!!! it was just so unbelievable.
afterwards we told james thanks for everything and he said he would have garth sign something for us and send it to us!!! woo hoo!!!
and, people came up to us after and said that WE were their favorite part of the concert!! best night of our lives!!
it was just so surreal with the gambling, meeting up with tom, the detainment, getting to go to the concert, garth talking to us and spending 3 days in vegas on top of it all!!
really the best weekend of my life.
he is definitely moooore than a memory.


weekend wear

We believe strongly in having a shirt for every occasion. This last weekend we went on a kid free trip and of course made shirts for the occasion.
A group of us went to Las Vegas over the weekend and saw Garth Brooks! Kristen's, Lindsay's and my parents all kept our kids for the weekend. They all live in the same block so they had their own little daycare, Block Mafia Daycare is what they like to call it.
We made shirts for the concert and shirts for the kids to wear over the weekend with all of our moms.
The shirts we made for the kids was made by screen filler and screen drawing fluid.
We drew the image on the screen with pencil first.
Then filled in the areas we wanted to be printed with drawing fluid.
After drawing fluid dries, fill in the areas you don't want paint on with screen filler. I know this sounds so confusing but it really is so easy.
When the screen is dry, you wash the screen with water and the drawing fluid will come off and your image is ready to be printed.
Here is the finished product. We used two different colors and just taped off different areas when we screen printed with each color.
Here is a picture that the moms emailed us while we were at Vegas. Haha! This was a planned photo that was thought out! Hilarious! They wanted us to think that the kids had taken over.
Looks like some pretty fun grandmas! (Mini, Jo Jo and Honey)

The Garth shirts were so fun to make too. We dyed white v-necks with RIT dye then screen printed them into the perfect concert tee!
We screen printed the front with a freezer paper stencil and the back by using the photo emulsion technique.
They turned out so cute and we definitely stood out at the concert...more to come on that later!


avery's valentines

since i have so many left over hearts from, you know, the party, aves and i decided to make the valentines for her school party
"you make my heart flutter" and "heart to heart" and "you fill my heart"
were some of the sayings we used as we made the hearts into butterflies and joined two hearts and i tried to copy celeste's fantastic gift bag with the layered hearts
and i had some heart gift bags left over so we stuffed one and headed of to the fun valentines party!
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