flower children

our day started out like this...
the tiller was way too heavy for jeff to lift on his own so, he rigged up his own way to get it down and back into his truck using his own pulley system...it was hilarious but it worked!!
then we started planting flowers in the front of the house so it will sell better. the babies loved it. i was doing it myself at first but they wanted to get in on the action. i have never done anything creative with anything outside (flowers, landscaping, etc) so i have no idea what im doing. im sure you can do really cool stuff and i want to learn, but for now i am restricting to creativity via craftiness that deals with sewing machines, crochet hooks and hot glue guns.
Picnik collage
then, naturally, it was time for popsicles
Picnik collage


jan said...

I have a picture of Jeff when he was about the twins age and he was helping Bob plant flowers. I will get it out.....such a sweet memory as I am sure this day will be to you! You are such an amazing family and I am so glad you always take the time to do things like this as a whole family!!

Morgan Bender said...

Alison I am loving Avery's dress! Super cute. So will this be a new business, cause we could use a landscaper. Pulleys and levers, hello middle school science paying off!

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