Viva Las Vegas!!!

so, we went to vegas this weekend!! AAAhhhhh!!!
thats pretty much what we said the whole weekend. we screamed, even when we won five dollars. it was so much fun! lindsay and ben, both my brothers and sisters in law, my cousin and his wife tiffany, lindsay's cousin and his wife, al, bob, jeff and i gambled our lives away, stayed up til dawn (though you cant tell because they dont have clocks or windows- fantastic!), walked the strip up and down til we were sore all over, saw everything there is to see in vegas, and maybe went to a little show by a guy that we kinda like.
we stayed at the wynn and i really can not say enough about how gorgeous it was and how incredibly nice everyone was. it was def my favorite hotel there (and i hope we can stay there again. i mean, hello, celine dion comes back in 2011...)
the view was incredible from our room.
we loved the penny slots, war, roulette and al won 160 bucks the first night and we bought outfits with it the next day!! sooo fun. love ceasars mall. amazing.
jeff cracks me up! he loved it and i was over playing slots at one point, and i didnt know where he was so i turned around and almost peed my pants because he was def getting a massage from a random lady while playing roulette!!! and he never flinched when we took his picture or told him we were going a different hotel. he was in a happy place.
then saturday we gambled, walked to so many other casinos and hotels and then took a little break
after a short rest we had dinner at tao. amazing.
tao in vegas
the food was to die for, saki bombs all around, and more gambling after. we werent always winners, but it was just so fun to all be together and playing and laughing. just. love. vegas.


Lifethrualinds said...

Yay Las Vegas!!!!! So much fun! I am still exhausted from it all!

danica said...

SO fun! I can't WAIT to go when Celine is back!!!

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