weekend wear

We believe strongly in having a shirt for every occasion. This last weekend we went on a kid free trip and of course made shirts for the occasion.
A group of us went to Las Vegas over the weekend and saw Garth Brooks! Kristen's, Lindsay's and my parents all kept our kids for the weekend. They all live in the same block so they had their own little daycare, Block Mafia Daycare is what they like to call it.
We made shirts for the concert and shirts for the kids to wear over the weekend with all of our moms.
The shirts we made for the kids was made by screen filler and screen drawing fluid.
We drew the image on the screen with pencil first.
Then filled in the areas we wanted to be printed with drawing fluid.
After drawing fluid dries, fill in the areas you don't want paint on with screen filler. I know this sounds so confusing but it really is so easy.
When the screen is dry, you wash the screen with water and the drawing fluid will come off and your image is ready to be printed.
Here is the finished product. We used two different colors and just taped off different areas when we screen printed with each color.
Here is a picture that the moms emailed us while we were at Vegas. Haha! This was a planned photo that was thought out! Hilarious! They wanted us to think that the kids had taken over.
Looks like some pretty fun grandmas! (Mini, Jo Jo and Honey)

The Garth shirts were so fun to make too. We dyed white v-necks with RIT dye then screen printed them into the perfect concert tee!
We screen printed the front with a freezer paper stencil and the back by using the photo emulsion technique.
They turned out so cute and we definitely stood out at the concert...more to come on that later!


jojo said...

We loved being the daycare for such sweet babies. The t-shirts were so cute. You are very creative with this screen printing. I need to learn this, I love it.

Lifethrualinds said...

Fantastic shirts! I may wear mine for a week straight....hopefully James at the Wynn is wearing his too as we speak!

Betsy.nyc said...

Hey girls,

Love following the blog, yall are so creative! I just got a silhouette cameo, and was wondering how yall screenprint with it? Do you just print a stencil, then tape off the screen, or do you still use the screen filler and drawing fluid??? Any help would be much appreciated :-)


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