party hearty-ing

so aves turned 4 this weekend...i just cant believe it!! so many fantastic friends came in town and a few friends from school and we party heartied til we could not stand to see another heart. it was so fun. the decor is pretty dorky and homemade but aves was super excited and very into shapes and hearts. so sweet.
it all started with the heart wreath that i just glued hearts onto a styraphome circle...nothing fancy.
and we found these inflatable hearts that are so great and i made a heart garland out of fabric scraps
and i made some of these dorky heart trees with lots and lots of cutting out hearts of all sizes.
heart decor
so sad these are blurry! they are the only pics of the heart center pieces for the food...
allison helped me make these felt hearts that we put on the cupcakes
our 'heart felt thanks' for everyone who came. we screen printed the same size heart on the bags that we did for the shirts
we filled them with these coin purses that i made with a pattern i found at city craft and lots of dollar isle heart things from target
bounce house
and everyone loved the bounce house!coloring
my mom bought these heart boxes that the girls painted and bejeweled. so fun.
sassy painting
sass was definately more into painting herself...
heart shirts
here is the invitation that i made a while back
and the shoes that we wore
and the birthday girl sad that the day was over...
needless to say, she loved it even though i forgot to put the drinks out (and the heart ice that i made for them), we forgot to sing happy birthday and it was 38 degrees outside!! hahaha...oh well...im not always on top of things (ok, so actually i am never on top of things!!)
thanks to everyone who came and traveled and made and gave the most creative presents!! (check out lindsay's cute felt dolls and allison's adorable dress. no one else has a blog but everyone was so thoughtful to give her such sweet gifts) it was such a fun party hearty!


Cassie said...

SO cute, Kristen! I love all of the felt heart picks!

Morgan Bender said...

FABULOUS! I love all the decorations, hair clips and t shirts. (which the first time I tried to spell t shirts it came as t-$*@ts). I need more sleep. and a more christian-esc spell check. :)

Anonymous said...

love all your decorations :)

Olive & Pearl Handmade said...

love the Happy Birthday garland!

Shannonaustin said...

There was nothing dorky about any of that!! You are so creative, what a cute party!

Melanie said...

Everything turned out just perfect - sad I missed all of the fun. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time! Happy Birthday Avery!!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Saw you on Party Perfect! So fun! =)

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