snow day/sew day!

We had a snow/sew day today! You never know what your gonna get with the weather in Lubbock these days and today we got snow! It was such a fun day. Ella played in the snow and I sewed some of those fabulous elastic waist skirts that Kristen made the other night. They really are so easy to make.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
The teal and white stripe skirt was Ella's favorite. The second I put it on her she spun round and round till she couldn't walk straight.
Picnik collage


Erynn said...

I like those stacking blocks, where did you get them?

jojo said...

I love these skirts,what a great job. You and Ella look like models. I also love her snow out fit. What a fun day you all had.

Anna said...

I loveee the skirts. You might need to make me one for my birthday.. I don't know, Just an idea. (:

jordan said...

they look even cuter on! We had a great time at your house today. Thanks for letting us come.

Susan said...

love them.

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