knitted circular scarf

i totally forgot about this scarf that i finished (that i am calling a gator cause thats what we use when we are skiing but i dont know what it is really called) a while ago so i thought i would post it. it is my first "knitting in the round" thing to finish and i love it. its a little bit big and so i have to safety pin it in the back to bunch it up a little...how do you fix it if its too big? and its a little big too wide and rolls up on itself...oh well. it was my first one. i cant wait to do more stuff in the round. i used the circular needles but i want to use double sided ones next time to see if i can figure those out.


Morgan Bender said...

i love the scarf. I have been wanting to make one similar, not anything cool like knitting but just cutting (below the armpits) an old sweater I have. P.S. how cute is your home! How did Jeff enjoy his rotation in Dallas? Will he go to ATX anytime soon?

Blair Wheeler said...

Girls- I enjoyed the conference call today :)
You have truly MADE it in the blogging world. Congrats!!!!

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