February, why do you have two R's?

(For real, though.  Why?)
We have clearly been partying,
shea pushing the stroller
Copying Kenna and taking our babies for walks.  Lots of walks.
shea and nana
Keeping up with all of Nana's business;
Rescuing chickens from a dog who dragged Oreo away and we thought she was a goner.  Until the next morning when, thanks to the neighborhood newsletter, someone told me that they saw her at someone else's house! Hallelujah!  I was really more sad than I should have been for a chicken, but now she is found! who says only cats have nine lives...
We had a girls day when the boys went fishing and playing at the Booth's tree farm.
Shea was confused as to why the dinosaurs were gone.
shea and evelyn
We got to hang out with the cutest one month old baby girl.  Shea was obsessed with her and kept making her do the itsy bitsy spider.
Shea had her first ice cream cone in the car.  I dont like to brag about my organization and cleanliness, often, but clearly I am ON IT.  Babies are highly skilled at eating ice cream in the car without getting it anywhere, right?

And we have had lots and lots of SNOW!
It is just magical.
(Magical outside and a lot of throw up inside.  Stomach bug and snow days seem to love each other)
Back to googling the double r question.
Hope y'all are having a safe and healthy february with two r's (but I know that there is probably a slim chance of that.  May the force be with all of y'all.)


Coffee Girl

coffee girl front
So, Avery and her cousin Halie have a coffee shop that they have imagined that they play over at their Nana's house whenever Halie is in town.  They call it Coffee Girl.  They have a menu, fake food, real food, set up- the whole thing.
coffee girl awning
This year Avery wanted to have a Coffee Girl party.  And she wanted it in Paris (where does she get this stuff?! Cracks me up.  We have never been to Paris and she is really such a homebody in real life.  But not in her imagination, I guess.)
coffee girl5
So, I got some brick paper from Michael's, we built this awning using MADE's tutorial, and I had some left over plastic from the twins fishbowl costume to use for the window.
Coffee Girl came alive.
Avery wanted a drop off party.  She invited a few girls from school and she let Sass invite a couple too.  And then Kinley and all the Booth girls.
coffee girl3
coffee girl7
menu 2
hot choc bar2
We used Hot Chocolate instead of coffee and let the girls draw on some aprons and take their coffee/punch cups home with them.
hot chocolate bar
Pics in front of the iconic sign.
al and linds and dylan
girls at coffee girl
I gave all the girls lipstick to wear.  I felt like that was a Parisian thing, right?
wait to be seated
Avery made some coupons for anyone who forgot their wallet.
making aprons
more aprons
shea and allison
party men
dylan loves coffee girl
Look at that baby Dylan! HE was just an angel the entire time and just smiled and cooed and kissed all of Shea's baby dolls that she would let him hold.
sass and ben
me and jeff and shea
ella and sass
adalyn and ella
Look at these beautiful lipsticked cousins.  So stinkin cute.
all the girls in the playhouse
present opening
coffee girl with my best friends
We all had to have a little photoshoot in front of Coffee Girl.  I mean, when in Paris.
smiling coffee girl 2
Even the dads got into it.
coffee boys
Happy birthday my little Coffee Girl.  I love you so much! And though you are strangely out of every pic or in the back- I hope you had the best birthday!
aves in her apron


Best Day Ever!

A few Fridays ago will be one of those days that I will never ever forget. I still can't get over it! 
Ok! So first I will start with the back story. 
As you know, I love the Ellen Show. I had written to her a few times before. I wrote in for Bob's birthday during his year of 37, sent her the doghouse video (makes me cry from laughing every time), and a bad Santa pic that Brittany sent in and that Ellen actually posted on her instagram in December!
About a month ago I was watching Ellen and saw the "Sorry it's Ari" clip. I was cracking up! At the end of the clip, Ellen said if you have anything you need help with around the house then let her know and they will send Ari anywhere. Since we are about to move (more on that at the end of this post), I wrote in saying that Ari could come help us pack. I told them that we have two girls, lots of baby dolls and that we just love to have fun.
I was subbing in Ella's class on a Friday and it was 1:00. I had my phone in my back pocket and I felt it ringing. I pulled it out to see who was calling and it said Northern Los Angeles Area! My immediate thought was The Ellen Show. I went to answer it but I missed the call! I couldn't believe it! I went into a slight panic mode while trying to keep cool in a room full of 6 year olds. I called back the number and as I was doing that, they called me back again! I clicked over and answered. There was another mom helping me sub that day so I mouthed to her that it was the Ellen show so I stepped outside on the phone while she watched the kids. It was only a 4 minute conversation but I will never forget it. I was shaking, covered in red spots and couldn't even think straight. (obviously I was made to be on tv) It was someone that worked with The Ellen show and she said that she read my email and it was just protocol to call and get some more info. I was giddy. She asked a little bit about my girls and Bob, where we lived, where Bob worked, what I would do it Ellen called me, how long and why we watch Ellen and what I did. I'm not great put on the spot so I was pretty basic and said stuff like "I just feel like Ellen is my best friend!" I'm sure they think I'm crazy. When she asked what I did, my answer was "nothing."  I mean, could I make myself sound any more boring?! I was so mad I didn't say that my best friend and I make and design our own shirts!
The girls were so excited and still ask when Ari is coming over. I'm not sure if it will go any further from here but I wanted to give it one more shot so I just sent in this picture today. Fingers crossed they call again and it really happens! How crazy would that be?!

I don't think I have officially made the announcement that Bob got a job in the DFW area and we are moving in June! We are beyond excited to be moving back closer to family and friends but so sad to leave all the wonderful ones here. It will be a bittersweet move. Our house went on the market last week so that's exciting! Beds are made every morning now which is a new thing for us but I'm kinda loving it! 


Ikea Shelves FTW

SO, no one is going to accuse me of being an interior designer.  I know so little about what looks good.  Sometimes I will feel like I have an idea, and then most days I realize I know nothing.  But I do love a good deal.  And I have to share it when I see it, and these Ikea shelves are my new favorite things.
ikea shelves
They are cheap, easy to set up, have adjustable shelving and hold so much more than my old hutch (that was beautiful, but I was just ready for more space).
And I am no Nate Berkus, but I love that he says that everything in your house needs to have some type of meaning or be something that you really value or think is  beautiful.  I dont know at all where I heard that.  I could have completely made that up. I think I heard him say that when he was on Oprah?  Man, Oprah.  That feels like so long ago for some reason.  My kids probably will never know she was a talk show host.  Why would that matter to me? I dont know.
Anyway, for the sake of remembering what was on my bookshelf when I am 80 and want to remember because I have no idea, here is what is meaningful to me.
That giant vase Jeff and I registered for because he liked it and then someone actually bought it for us.
The books are just a few of my favorites.  Nothing exciting, and only a small amount of them.  I also am clearly not a scholar.
The spam lamp is from a thrift store in Tyler as a symbol of our love for camping.  The yarn Allie and Felipe brought me in Tyler that they got when they went to Chile. I can never use it to knit with because I love it so much just as it is.  The radio doesn't work, but it was from the twins bday party. And the diploma is Jeff's.
The framed postcard was sent to our house on May 25, 1920 and our neighbor brought it over.  How cool is that?!
The basket Jeff used to keep change in in college at Rose Circle. The metal basket is from that house too.  The note in the bottle is from when we were dating. I wish I knew what it said, but it has faded so much you cant read it.  I should have taken a picture of it.  Bummer.
The jar is one that Jeff made as a little place for my polaroids when we lived in Lubbock.
The duck was Jeff's that he stuffed.
The pumpkin up there that is hard to see in this pic was from Linds when I was her bridesmaid.
(The chickens are both from IKEA, as well.)
The vase and the pictures Jan picked out for me in Lubbock at a thrift store; The candle and bird are from Jennifer for my birthday and when I was a hostess for her shower for Isla; The white box is one that Aly made; The dominoes are a family heirloom to be :)
The bingo is from my mom for Sass.
 The woven picture will be framed, but it is from Lindsey too, for my birthday.
The rainbow I just bought, but how stinkin cute is that?! My new favorite baby toy.
The bottom row is all stuff shea can pull out and play with.  The doll bed was Avery's and it has her  white blanket in it, and a quilt made just for Shea's babies by my aunt.
The baskets hold books, toys, magnets and puzzles.  Most of them came from when Avery and the twins were babies, too.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.
ikea shelves
So, there you have it.
Nothing new or exciting, but special to me.  And I really just am so obsessed with these shelves.  I think I am going to go buy 2 more sets for the craft room.
Thank you Nate Berkus for helping me declutter. Now if only I can take this skill to the rest of my house...

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